Steam Summer Sale 2018 date leaked by Steam DB

by Sammy Chan

Summer is upon us and to all gamers who play on PC, that can only mean the arrival of the mythical Steam sale. Unfortunately for Valve, the Steam Sumer Sale 2018 date got leaked by Steam DB on Twitter.

The Steam Summer Sale is the biggest sale that we all look forward to. With a price tag of games getting as much as 90% discount, it has become a tradition for gamers to go ham during the summer sale.

What goes down during a Steam Summer Sale?

Typically, there’s always an event or theme of some sort that spearheads each sale. It’s more than just low game prices! Last year, we had to collect stickers. Completing these events usually gives you a badge or something fancy you can display in your profile.
Last year, the sales started on June 22 – a Thursday. June 21, 2018, also falls on a Thursday. So it’s very likely that the leaked date is accurate despite the lack of actual confirmation.
Even if its six weeks to go, you could really start the shopping now. Browse the store and look for any game you’re interested in. One easy way to discover new games or games you might like is the daily queue. Once you spot something you like, add them to your wish list. After that, you could also drag and drop to rearrange them in order of purchase priority. This gives you a clear gameplan when sales day begin! Back in the days, we had stuff like daily flash sales but that seems to have gone out of practice. Utilize the wishlist and make smart purchases or else you’ll find that Steam had gone full Thanos on your wallet.
Let us know in the comments which are the top three games you want to get the most during the sales! Shout out to the dude from that Twitter threat that gave me the idea of this Thanos photoshop! Also, this is me when I hear about the date:
When you're ballin' hard - Imgur

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