Star Ocean: Till the End of Time for PS4 out now

by Sammy Chan
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Released as a PS2 Classic, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is now out on PlayStation 4. On March 31st the game was released in Japan and today will be its release for North America and Europe.

Start your adventure in a Sci-Fi world on the planet Hyda IV with Fayt Leingod and Sophia Esteed in a war between the Vendeeni and the Pangalactic Federation. Star Ocean’s combat has been noted as unique amongst the vast selection of role-playing video games out there. Offering a real-time interactive combat, players will directly control the main character whereas the party member is managed by using tactics. Besides the innovative, the game also adds a minor touch of dating sim in which your relationship with your companions will determined the ending you can get.
You can purchase the game directly from the PSN Store for $20.99.

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