The Shenmue Remaster Might be Going for $30

by Sammy Chan
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The hit classics Shenmue I and II will be receiving the HD remaster treatment. The said Shenmue remaster will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Sadly, it won’t serve as a launch title for a long overdue Sega Dreamcast 3.
As of now, Sega has not released any information regarding the pricing of the remaster bundle. There is a thread on ResetEra, however, that suggests that the remaster will be $30 for all platforms.

Are We There Yet?

Unfortunately, the said thread was removed before we could give it further inspection. Whether it was removed for leaking information or just providing false info, only time will tell. There is also no official release date as of yet.
The ‘up in the air’ release date poses a little concern. Could this also mean another delay for Shenmue III? If the remasters come out later in the year, we could see a further delay of Shenmue III based on the reception. Considering the poor sales of Shenmue II, this is a viable move for publisher SEGA. The Shenmue series is one of the most time-consuming and expensive video game franchises ever developed.
The time taken to develop the original Shenmue was 5 years with the production cost of approximately $46 – $70 million. Any further delays would also give the developers time to further polish the latest addition to the franchise, which is more than welcome.

More Delays?

Shenmue is an action adventure game where you control Ryo Hazuki, who is a skilled martial artist that explores the meticulous open world areas and engages in several diverse activities. While your main goal is to conduct an investigation, you can easily do other fun activities that the open world provides. The game even has day and night cycle-based activities. You’ll be talking to NPCs to gather information and brawling ruthless brutes that get in your way.
Needless to say, the Shenmue franchise was ahead of its time. It has a lot of common features with Final Fantasy XV and interactive bustling cities like in Persona 5 on hardware almost 20 years old. A game of that scale will definitely appreciate additional development time. Additionally, the production time and cost are justifiable and it’s a shame that the franchise wasn’t a commercial success as that has plummeted the series into development hell.

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