A Butt-Load of Senran Kagura is Headed to the West

by Sammy Chan
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Marvelous! Europe has announced that it will be bringing two of their Senran Kagura games to the West. Japanese gameplay footage was used in the announcement trailer.

A Relaxing Change of Pace

SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions will be released this Summer exclusively on Nintendo Switch. This will the first entry in the franchise to explore the interactive storytelling genre. Players will be interacting with the shinobi Asuka. Use the mechanics of the Switch’s Joy-Cons to provide Asuka some well-needed reflexology. The HD Rumble technology further adds to the immersion, and interactions made with Asuka will lead the player to one of six possible endings.

Extreme High-Octane Overhaul

SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re: Newal will be a full-on overhaul of the previously released SENRAN KAGURA Burst. Unlike the original 2.5D 3DS game, the fast-paced action-packed combat will take place in 3D environments and sport upgraded mechanics and character models. Yes, that means you’ll get to experience your cast of waifus in their full HD glory as well as the inevitable revamped, unrealistic jiggle physics. Burst Re: Newal releases on PS4 and Windows PC this Fall.
Aside from the SENRAN KAGURA series, Marvelous! Europe also confirmed Western releases of Fate/EXTELLA Link, which is the sequel to Fate/EXTELLA Umbral Star on PS4 and PS Vita. They have also announced a digital release of Xbox 360 gem ‘Bullet Witch’ on Steam. Interested? Visit their website to find out more!

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