SEM9 Announces Formation Of Garena Free Fire Team

by Aly Damil
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SEM9 is proud to announce the formation of its new SEM9 Garena Free Fire team.

The new SEM9 Garena Free Fire Team comprises ex-players from the organization AutoKnockOut (AKO) and Fast Kill. The team has overcome the qualifiers for Free Fire Malaysia Championship (FFMC) 2021 and will begin their League stage tomorrow.

Mr. Tommy Chieng, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SEM9

This is a group of very talented young Malaysian esports talents who has immense potential to reach the top in Malaysia and at the global Free Fire competition stage.” (TOMMY CHIENG, 2021)


xMrD (Captain / Flanker)
Mohd Ridhwan Bin Kadar @ Kadir
Mohd Ridhwan or famously known as MrD is a Free Fire streamer with 1.6 million followers on under the name D Entertainment. He is also one of the very few streamers who formed his very own professional team back in 2019. MrD is now once again taking on the role of captain and flanker for the new SEM9 Free Fire team. Without a shred of doubt, MrD expresses that he aims to bring this team to greater heights by winning the upcoming Free Fire Malaysia Championship (FFMC) 2021. Previously MrD was the captain and flanker for team AKO but was released together with his previous teammates.

xNEWB (Fragger)
Muhammad Azman Bin Buyung
This shy boy from Bangsar is not shy in any way to take down his enemies within the game. Introducing the fragger for SEM9 Free Fire team, Muhd Azman a.k.a. NEWB. NEWB is in charge of blowing up his opponents as a fragger. His aim is the be the best fragger in the nation by proving himself in the upcoming FFMC 2021 League Stage and Grand Finals thereafter.

xZennOP (Rusher)
Muhd Faris Bin Mohd Sharol
You would expect someone who rushes into the heat of battle with balls of steel such as ZennOP would be brave and outspoken. Instead, he is actually quite shy in real life. But do not be fooled as ZennOP is known for cracking jokes during interviews and entertaining his viewers on stream. Being a rusher, ZennOP has utmost respect and confidence in the instructions and navigations provided by team captain MrD. They both share the same dream in reaching the Free Fire World Cup and bringing back the trophy since their time together in their previous team.

xShuraa (Sniper)
Muhd Aiman Hariz Bin Idris
When it comes to sharpshooting and sniping, Muhd Aiman a.k.a. Shuraa is the right guy for the job. The sniper of SEM9 may be deadly and precise within the game, but in reality, you may find that he is a jovial and funny guy. Shuraa now has his eyes set on becoming the best sniper in the league and aims at taking down his rival from Blacklist International.

xMirull (Support / Rusher)
Muhammad Fahmi Iskandar Bin Suhaizan
The support role is the pillar of strength for any team. And the pillar of strength for SEM9 is none other than Muhammad Fahmi Iskandar a.k.a. Mirull. Mirull is the youngest player in team SEM9 and already has international experience under his belt. Taking on the responsibility of the team’s support is not an easy feat as he is required to provide assistance in various ways to his teammates. Mirull has been taking on this role due to his ability to understand the team’s wants and needs during crucial times. Mirull is serious in both in-game and also in his studies.


Free Fire Malaysia Esports Map 2021

The team was acquired in the early month of June 2021 just-in-time for the Free Fire Malaysia Championship (FFMC) 2021 qualifiers. As a result, the team has qualified for the League Stage of FFMC 2021 together with 17 other top Free Fire teams in Malaysia. The League stage will from June 26th, 2021 to July 18th, 2021. 6 teams will be eliminated, and only 12 teams will move forward to the Grand Finals on July 31st, 2021. At the end of the day, only one team will be crowned the winner and champion, bringing back home Rm60,000 from the Rm200,000 prize pool.


Above all, team SEM9 aims to be the number one team in the world by winning the world series. To achieve this, SEM9 would need to bring down their biggest rival Geek Fam in FFMC 2021. But this will have to wait as SEM9 is currently placed in Group B, while Geek Fam in Group C.

FFMC 2021 – League Stage Grouping

The League Stage for FFMC 2021 will begin tomorrow at 1.00 p.m., so be sure to support team SEM9!

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