Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention 2019

by Sammy Chan
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Over the weekend, SEAGM attended the Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention 2019 as one of the strategic partners. The event begun on October 11 until October 13 at MITEC.

SEAGM featured as Strategic Partners @ SSCDEC 2019

With more than just e-commerce on its mind, this year the event was focusing on four different elements. There were conference about AI, 5G and E-Wallet besides the Top e-commerce Award. They also included esports, anime and gaming this time around.


Participating as a one of the strategic partners for this event, we had a booth right outside the conference hall. At the SEAGM booth, we gave away 50% off voucher codes for Razer Pin. Besides that, we also handed out brochures to help event-goers understand what SEAGM does better.

SEAGM brochures and vouchers to be given away @ SSCDEC 2019
SEAGM’s booth @ SSCDEC 2019
Sharing about SEAGM with event-goers @ SSCDEC 2019

Plus, as the champion of Top EC Merchant Award 2018, we were invited to give a speech about the beginning and growth of SEAGM as a company. This was presented by our Chief of Operations and Co-Founder of SEAGM – Tommy Chieng.

Tommy sharing SEAGM’s journey during TOp EC Merchant Awards 2019

What’s next for Smart City?

This element revolved around educating the industry key individuals about artificial intelligence, 5G and e-wallet. There were also industry leaders and professionals from all three fields that shared their experience. Besides that they also help the general attendees understand how these technologies and trends will impact the future Smart City we’re aiming to construct.

5G Sharing Conference @ SSCDEC 2019

One Belt One Road (OBOR) Anime & Gaming Summit

The gaming industry, especially esports has been seeing a significant growth these past years. Industries leaders were invited to share their experiences being in the new and upcoming industry.

If we play our cards right, by 2025 we could have a gaming industry worth US$300! This segment was targeted to educate newcomers who are interested in dipping their toes into the industry.

Esports Competition

With special appearance by Alex Yoong and Leona Chin, one of the bigger pull for this segment was e-racing. Besides promoting virtual racing, the segment also had a free-to-join PUBG M competition as well. Many aspiring gamers showed up to compete for that chicken dinner!

PUBG M Competition featuring aspiring rookies

There were also companies like Vive who showed up to promote their VR devices and gave event-goers a chance to experience gaming in Virtual Reality. There was also a simulation that lets you operate public transports in Malaysia such as RapidKL virtually.

VR gaming to Beat Saber
E-racing booths

Malaysia Top E-Commerce Merchant Awards 2019

As the Champion of the award in 2018, SEAGM was invited to speak during this year’s ceremony. Our Chief of Operations, Tommy Chieng, took the podium and discussed the growth of SEAGM and how far we’ve come. You can read more about Tommy’s sharing here! A big congratulations to Hermo for winning the first place this year and beating out the other 99 companies.

The champion of Top EC Merchant Award 2019 – Hermo

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