See What’s Inside Your FIFA 21 Loot Box Before Purchasing

by Yong Chi Winn
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If you’re a fan of the FIFA franchise, be excited as EA has introduced a new loot box system for FIFA 21. Loot boxes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially when you’re trying to get your favorite player/ characters.

If you’re a fan of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team but have mixed feelings about the loot boxes, fear not. Now, players can preview what’s inside a FIFA 21 Ultimate Team pack before deciding to spend money or not.

According to EA, the “Ultimate Team Preview Packs” lets players preview specific items in them and you can purchase them via FUT Coins or FIFA Points

Additionally, these preview packs are only obtainable in the FUT Store. In conjunction with FIFA’s in-game “Festival of FUTball”, players can select the Preview Pack button to check out its contents.


Image via EA

Here’s how it works:

  1. Players can select the Preview Pack button
  2. After that, there will be an opening animation where players can skip
  3. Thirdly, players can decide whether they want to purchase the pack or not
  4. Once the players decide, they can choose Buy Pack and confirm if they would like to purchase the pack.
  5. Players can choose whether they would like to purchase them with FUT Coins or FIFA Points.
  6. If players decide not to purchase the pack, it will remain in the store until it refreshes. Don’t worry, a new pack with be replaced.
  7. EA mentioned that the pack will expire in 20 hours and 35 minutes.
  8. You can visit the FIFA Team website for more updates on their new loot box system.

Moreover, EA explained that the previewed pack will be available until its expiration date. Once it’s expired players will not be able to buy them.

Another exception is limited quantity packs. These types of packs have only a limited amount worldwide. Once it’s sold out, they will not be able to purchase them anymore. Additionally, there’s a ‘Packs Remaining’ indicator for players to know how much there’s left.

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