Second Expansion for Guild Wars 2 coming soon

by Sammy Chan
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Rejoice fans of Guild Wars 2, for it seems that Guild Wars 2 is getting a new expansion. Earlier today, Guild Wars 2’s YouTube channel has a live stream scheduled for August 1st. This live stream will be discussing the new expansion, with the stream titled that way it’s as good as a confirmation.

Can you imagine Guild Wars 2 with a mount? Finally!

Guild Wars 2 is well received all across the board, acquiring top-notch review scores from IGN, GameSpy etc. The game is unique with its responsive storyline based on the player’s actions, something more common in single player than in an MMO. Not to mention dynamic events that happen throughout the game to replace quests. Guild Wars 2 released their based game in August 2012, with its first expansion being announced at PAX South in January 2015. Heart of Thorns expansion is released later that year, on October 2015. That expansion introduced new challenges, a new profession and new specializations for the older ones. Overall, the Heart of Thorns expansion was also very well received. With over 5 million copies sold by August 2015, Guild Wars 2’s base game turned free to play. If you haven’t checked out Guild Wars 2 yet, you definitely should.

What the fans think

With leaks all over the internet, there have been many speculations of what’s to come. Everything from balance changes, to new maps have been leaked, although none have been confirmed. Story will also have a continuation, some Reddit posts even go in depth as to what will happen. There will no spoilers here, but if you want to check it out for yourself, click here. Player housing has also been speculated, but it seems that you won’t be getting it this expansion. Sorry architects, maybe in the near future. In the meantime, check out the leaked images below while you wait for the live stream to go live.
You can check out their live stream here and here are some of the images that were leaked.


New Map 1

New Map 2

New Map 3

Mount Mastery   

Raptor Mount Mastery

Springer Mount Mastery

Skimmer Mount Mastery

Skill Masteries

Guardian Mastery

Necromancer Mastery

Revenant Mastery

Warrior Mastery

Ranger Mastery

Engineer Mastery

Mesmer Mastery

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