SEAGM Announces SEAGMGivesBack Charity Online Show Match 2021!

by Kenn & K
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The SEAGMGivesBack Charity Online Event Is SEAGM’s first online charity show match! We are aiming to raise up to RM10,000 in donations to help ease the burden of a charity home. 

#SEAGMGivesBack Initiatives

SEAGMGivesBack ties back to SEAGM’s core value, Care.  We are exercising this core value by providing assistance to individuals in need during these trying times. Therefore, we are leveraging our platforms and KOLs to come together for a good cause. This event provides a platform for gamers to empower themselves and impact a change to help out the needy through the power of games and esports in a whole.

#SEAGMGivesBack Participating KOLs and Guests

CEO of SEAGM and founder of SEM9, Tommy Chieng will be attending to kick off the event.  Popular esports figure, Flava will be hosting the whole event.

The participating KOLs include famous SEAGM Squad KOLs such as MasterRamen, MamaJess, Hailey and SEM9 professional players such as ArrHedge, WildRabbit, Manparang, Bravo, WryDep, Putra and Draxx! 

Tune in to the event via SEAGM Facebook page! Additionally,  fans can also watch the event through their favorite streamers/players page as well. The event will be on 31st August 2021, 12:00 PM GMT+8.

#SEAGMGivesBack Selected Charity Home

Located at Lot 1658, Jalan Angkasa, Bandar Mahkota Banting, 42700 Banting Selangor, the home patronizes a total of 78 patients which requires daily necessities and assistance. The home also continued to take care for their patients since the first generation of intake due to dismissal of their family members and without another place to depend on.

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