SEAGM ties partnership with Wawasan Open University

by Uma M.
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SEAGM ties partnership with Wawasan Open University (WOU) as the Education Partner in support of their Valued Partnership Program (VPP) this month in December 2021. The partnership provides a remarkable opportunity for SEAGM employees as well as its subsidiary companies to pursue their education. In fact, while fulfilling their employment with the company.

A promising future for SEAGM employees

Human Resource Manager, Lim Pooi Yee, is a strong advocate of this initiative. She believes that all SEAGM employees should have the opportunity to seek academic qualification even if they are already working. Fifi further shared,

“The possibility of achieving higher education through SEAGM is now a reality. This is now possible for our staff members as well as our subsidiary SEAGM associates.  It is never too late to learn a new skill that can help our colleagues to grow their skill set. As a result, they can better improve themselves at work. In return, they are able to build their career and create a better future for themselves.  Furthermore, they are able to have a respectable social standing in the community as a well educated individual.”

Background of WOU

Since its establishment in 2006, WOU delivers quality higher education to working adults in Malaysia through its unique Open Distance Learning (ODL) model.  The program aims to expand opportunities in higher education and increase the level of knowledge and scholarship among Malaysians.

The university is recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). WOU provides quality tertiary education programmes to allows working professionals to gain knowledge and obtain higher qualifications so that they can contribute positively in their workplace.

Employee benefits

As a result of this partnership, employees of SEAGM can enjoy the following benefits through their enrolment at WOU:

  • New students who enroll in 2022 will be offered 20% tuition fee rebate with a minimum enrolment of two (2) courses per semester for Bachelor and Master Degree programmes; and three (3) courses for Diploma programmes, throughout the study tenure of the enrolled programme.
  • The ability to enjoy an additional MYR 1000 fee rebate per student for a minimum of 5 students enrolled in the semester.
  • A wide range of bachelors degree and masters program in various subject courses is available for students to choose from. Interested applicants will need to present their SEAGM company ID when registering for the course to stand a chance to obtain the mentioned benefits.

Higher learning is now possible for SEAGM employees and its subsidiary companies

Similarly, all SEAGM subsidiary companies  can also benefit from this partnership as the same entitlement applies as well.

A win-win outcome

Overall, SEAGM and WOU are able to share the benefits through this collaboration. In particular, SEAGM can build a good rapport within the public eye and academic front as a caring organization. One that empowers its people to grow through education and position the brand as a new-age forward looking entity. Additionally, it will be easier to retain SEAGM’s talent workforce when allowing them to attain academic achievements while working, thus creating better leaders for the future. This is also in line with the company goal to create a healthy work life balance. As echoed by CEO, Tommy Chieng, SEAGM strives to build a caring work culture for their employees to continuously develop themselves as their success is the also the success of the company.

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