SEAGM takes care of its employees impacted by the flood

by Aly Damil
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SEAGM takes care of its employees impacted by the flood. The victims and their families received aids in the form of donation and other support.

Natural disaster robs resident’s peace

The natural calamity that started on Friday, December 17, 2021 stirred the homes of two SEAGM employees. Subsequently, there are damages of almost 70% at one colleague’s home as a result. Furthermore, several of their belongings got lost in the flood. The employees who reside at Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, feel relieved nevertheless. Bradley Tan and Andrew Tristan who work for SEAGM both expressed their gratitude for surviving the disaster. Even though they incurred some losses of their material items, they feel thankful to be alive and that their families are safe.

SEAGM lends a helping hand

The affected employees are both from the Marketing department of SEAGM.  From the start, CEO, Tommy Chieng has been in communication with the two individuals offering beyond emotional support. Tommy along with his higher management team, SEAGM’s Human Resource Manager, Fifi Lim and Senior Marketing Manager, Raymond Foo, quickly stepped in to help the concerned team members with a total of RM 5000 in cash donation for each employee on behalf of SEAGM. Moreover, the company extends its support by offering a total of 3 days compassionate (paid leaves) to the employees. Also, several SEAGM team members visited Bradley and Andrew at their homes to offer assistance by cleaning and clearing any clutters from the flood. Even though the two employees feel the exhaustion from the aftermath, they also appreciate the care shown by SEAGM.

United together

Amid the tragedy, SEAGM continues to check on their employees to ensure that they have the support in times of need. Especially in line with the company’s M.O. – Care. SEAGM will continue to care for its staff members as evidently proven over the years. Moving from one hurdle or challenge after another, they stick together as one in times of adversity. For instance, the recent Covid-19 pandemic showcased the team overcoming a global crisis together as one. The continued commitment from SEAGM to its employees, and the loyalty by the staff of the company is one that is truly admirable indeed.



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