SOBA 2020: SEAGM takes home two gold awards

by Sammy Chan
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In recognition of the country’s unlisted companies, The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) awarded SEAGM with two gold awards last week. SEAGM received recognitions in two categories, one in the Best in Customer Service category and the other in Best Use of Technology.

What is SOBA?

The Star Outstanding Business Awards is a yearly occurrence to bestow recognition of Malaysia’s finest SMEs’ achievements. In an effort with the government to develop homegrown enterprises, SOBA aims to encourage growth in local businesses. This award would help promote and showcase what we Malaysians are capable of to the world.

SOBA’s objective is to showcase the achievements of local businesses while promoting healthy competition. One of the categories that SEAGM won Gold in, Best in Customer Service, was newly added in 2020.

SEAGM’s CEO, Tommy Chieng with both awards

SEAGM’s journey so far

Ever since its inception in 2007, SEAGM’s voyage has somewhat been that of smooth sailing. Sure, there were challenges, but everything seemed to shrink in the shadow of the storm it experienced last year. With a new captain at its helm, the company hailing from small-town Sitiawan embarked on an adventure into uncharted territories.

Having to steady the ship for over 100 staff wasn’t an easy feat for the new CEO. Despite the turbulence, we came together and were able to weather the raging tempest. So, to take home not one but two awards were a comfort to many of us at SEAGM. Things are finally back on track, according to Tommy Chieng, SEAGM’s CEO, with this recognition from SOBA being one of those things.

SEAGM is now finally on the path of growth once again after Tommy, with the help of integral individuals in the company, successfully steer it out of the battering storm.

“It was an incredible feeling to win these awards at The Star Outstanding Business Awards. It shows that the measures we take as a company, such as improved corporate governance and company culture transformations, show excellent results.”

Tommy Chieng, CEO of SEAGM

Customer service excellence

If you look at our corporate site, you will discover that customer service excellence is one of our core values. The Customer Service Team is the backbone of our operation and our front-liners. Since SEAGM is a global service, our officers are ready to help 24/7 in five different languages. As of December 2020, our record is as follows: each interaction takes 31 seconds and has a customer satisfaction rate of 93.24%.

Besides directing customers to their desired destination, an officer also needs to know how to handle whatever issue the users might encounter.

This toolset includes handling:

  • Product/service inquiries: Each agent knows at least two different languages to answer customers’ queries quickly.
  • Customer complaints: Officers are required to monitor and perform daily chat logs mining. They will then prepare a report to figure out how to minimize negative experiences.
  • Refund cases: SEAGM currently provides two options when it comes to handling refund cases. The officer needs to identify which method to deploy and adequately inform the customers on the process.
  • Queue management system: As mentioned above, each LiveChat session with our officers currently takes as quickly as 31 seconds. During days with high traffic, the officers need to manage how long a customer has to wait before receiving help.
  • Payment issues: Sometimes payment issues occur since we provide 100+ global payment channels, and our officers need to be familiar with all our provided payment channels and how they work.
  • Order issues: When an order issue arises, the CS Team needs to initiate collaboration across departments to assist in investigations before providing solutions to the customers.
  • Fraud management: SEAGM has high regard for our customers’ safety. Once the CS Team detects potential fraud or high-risk transactions, the Fraud Investigation team will help analyze and execute a solution to help resolve the case.

Our leader of the CS Team, Miss Carmen Hor, shares her feeling about achieving this honor, saying:

“It’s our honor to receive the “Best in Customer Service” during the pandemic time. Thanks to all supporters for recognizing the job done well by the frontlines. It was assuring and motivating to know that our customers were happy with the service we provide.”

Carmen Hor, CEO Special Officer of SEAGM

Miss Carmen also acknowledged that the company is moving in high velocity in 2021 as we invest in the right people to acquire more talent locally and globally.

Tommy accepting the award among others

Innovation and Technology

Armed with a vision to become the world-leading digital goods platform, SEAGM also desires to create a comprehensive ecosystem for gamers and industry stakeholders.

To achieve this, the company has to innovate and grow. Here is a timeline of how far we’ve come since our humble beginning for both SEAGM and Kaleoz.

  • Launch of SEAGM in 2007
  • re-launched with a new and improved website in 2012
  • A new platform, Kaleoz, launched in 2017
  • SEAGM released its first version of the app for Android and iOS in 2018
  • The implementation and launch of SEAGM Pay in 2019
  • SEAGM Power Up! rebranding for the website and app with a new look plus improved UX

Moving forward, SEAGM still has many things to achieve before we can make our vision come true.

As for 2021, here’s what Tommy has in mind for SEAGM; continuing the excellent momentum we’ve garnered internally and externally to achieve the goals we’ve set earlier this year.

“I believe my team would strive again this year.”

Tommy Chieng, CEO of SEAGM
Tommy accepting the award for Best Use of Technology

Please continue to support SEAGM. We still have many great things to show you! A big thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Customer Service Excellence Award; winning that SOBA award wouldn’t have been possible without you. Our team promises to keep improving so that we can continue to give you a reason to keep choosing us!

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