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  1. Following the indictments charging 2 Malaysian executives of SEAGM namely, Mr. Wong Ong Hua and Mr. Ling Yang Ching by the U.S.  Department of Justice (DOJ) for abetting 5 Chinese hackers in committing cybercrime related offences by selling stolen digital products through SEAGM online platform, the 2 Malaysian executives have been arrested by the Malaysian authorities.
  1. Based on the DOJ release on 16 September 2020, the masterminds of the alleged computer hacking crimes were the 5 Chinese nationals who are sophisticated and advanced computer hackers who remain at large in China.
  1. The 2 Malaysian executives maintained their innocence of the charges. They have faith in the U.S. justice system. They have decided on their own  NOT to fight the U.S. request for extradition and are determined to go to the U.S. willingly to clear their names and to protect the interest of the company and well-being of its 175 employees. Through their lawyer, the 2 Malaysian executives assured SEAGM that they are committed to offer their fullest cooperation with all authorities in a collaborative manner.
  1. The 2 Malaysian executives have since resigned voluntarily and ceased to have whatsoever interest or involvement in the running of SEAGM.
  1. SEAGM would like to stress that it has been and will always be a caring, responsible and law abiding organisation with its customers’ best interest at heart.
  1. Mr. Tommy Chieng, the COO of the company, has been appointed as the CEO and will be made a member of the board of directors of SEAGM. Various measures have been put in place to ensure uninterrupted and smooth running of SEAGM with a view to continue providing the most satisfactory and secure services to its customers globally.
  1. As part of its immediate cybercrime prevention efforts, SEAGM has employed unprecedented risk mitigating strategies and stepped up measures to improve its corporate governance.
  1. Independent professionals are being engaged for an in-depth audit of the company’s finances, business processes, SOPs, and relationships with all existing suppliers/partners to ensure full compliance with all relevant laws.
  1. Further, SEAGM has initiated an improved mandatory verification protocol applicable to all of its suppliers and distributors to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of all products marketed on SEAGM platform. No single employee of SEAGM will have absolute control in deciding which suppliers or distributors to work with.
  1. SEAGM will not tolerate any stealing, hacking or any illegal activity.
  1. As an internationally trusted brand serving customers globally in the gaming industry which started with humble beginnings in a small town in Malaysia more than a decade ago, SEAGM is determined to offer the safest and most secure services to its customers.
  1. SEAGM will continue to engage with all of its partners and stakeholders tirelessly to address any ongoing concerns while providing timely updates. SEAGM will also continue to provide uninterrupted service to our customers.
Tommy Chieng
SEA Gamer Mall Sdn. Bhd.
24 September 2020

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