SEAGM ends sponsorship of SEM9 Free Fire team

by Sammy Chan
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SEAGM is today announcing the sponsorship termination of SEM9 Free Fire team. On August 15, 2021, SEAGM received notification from the organization regarding the involvement of three players in unfair play. After investigations from both the publisher, Garena, and the organization, SEM9, these allegations turn out to be true.

SEAGM’s decision on SEM9 Free Fire team

The act of smurfing by these three players from the team, xNEWB, xShuraa, and xZennOP, subsequently disqualified the whole team from the upcoming MCP Major 2021. As per Garena’s decision, the three perpetrators will lose their rights to participate in the Free Fire competitive scene for a year.

SEM9 has decided to release the entire Free Fire team. SEAGM is in full support of this decision and will follow by terminating the sponsorship for the Free Fire team. Not only did their actions breach several terms in the sponsorship contract, but it also threatens to disrupt the fairness of a competitive scene. Therefore, we stand with SEM9 and firmly believe in preserving the integrity of the competitive gaming scene.

Company values and belief

Regardless of skills and performance, SEAGM will always choose to support and nurture talents with the right attitude that reflects the company’s values, and our CEO, Tommy Chieng, shares the same sentiment.

“As the founder of SEM9, I am utterly disappointed with the players involved in the incident.
As an esports organization, we aim to onboard young talented players under SEM9 to develop them into world-class esports players. The players xMrD, xShuraa, xNEWB, xZennOP, and xMirull are five talented young players from the AKO Free Fire guild. These players were one of the top teams in the Malaysia Free Fire competitive scene.
We successfully identified the talents, but I have to admit that we failed to monitor the players outside the SEM9 organization.” – Tommy Chieng, CEO of SEAGM & Founder of SEM9

Moving forward, as SEM9 will work on rebuilding their Free Fire roster. SEAGM will continue to support the existing teams playing in PUBG Mobile and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

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