PUBG M Season 11 – SEAGM Early Bird Treats!

by Sammy Chan
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In conjunction to the new season arriving this weekend, SEAGM is offering treats for those who get their UC early! Participate in the SEAGM Early Bird Treats and get discount on your UC purchases.

Top up UC now with SEAGM for PUBG M Season 11 Royale Pass!

Remember to top up early so can enjoy the new season without delay! SEAGM is now offering PUBG M UC Global prepaid code and that means instant delivery to you!

Season 11 Royale Pass teaser image (Source: PUBG M Official Twitter)

How to participate

To enjoy the discount off your UC purchase, all you have to do is complete these easy steps:

  1. First, fill in this form to receive an e-mail.
  2. The e-mail will contain the voucher code you can use at check out.
  3. Head on over to SEAGM’s PUBG M UC page here.
  4. Add the desired UC to your cart and check out!
  5. Key in the voucher code before completing your purchase to enjoy the 10% discount.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The discount code is only valid until January 10, 2020 (23:59PM GMT +8)
  2. You need a SEAGM account to enjoy this promotion.
  3. The duration in which customer will receive their code is instant. However it’s up to Midas Buy how quickly the value reaches the customer’s account.
  4. SEAGM is not to be affiliated with any mishap that may occur on the side of Midas Buy.
  5. This promotion is not applicable for China / Japan /Korea / Taiwan / Vietnam servers.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy a discount on your first Royale Pass of 2020! Top up now to enjoy the SEAGM Early Bird Treats!

Trial link: here

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