SEAGM backs and sponsors SEAGM Valorant Challengers Stage

by Aly Damil
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KUALA LUMPUR, 1 July 2022 – The Malaysian-based international digital goods e-commerce platform supports Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) and the VCS organizing team in introducing the first ever pseudo-professional Valorant collegiate tournament – SEAGM Valorant Challengers Stage (SEAGM VCS 2022). The tournament aims to nurture a collegiate tournament environment that creates camaraderie and encourages players to experience a healthy competition.

Jeremy Ng, Operations Lead of the VCS organizing team said:

“The goal of the VCS has always been to construct and sustain interest within the collegiate community towards the esports scene by introducing the professional esports setting to it. With the generous support of SEAGM, the SEAGM VCS 2022 is a tournament that we have been planning and envisioning for, and now that it’s coming to live, we are confident in bringing forward a new revolution to the collegiate tournament scene.”said Jeremy Ng, Operations Lead of the VCS organizing team.

Tommy Chieng, SEAGM Co-founder and CEO added:

“With the Esports industry growing, SEAGM as an organization has always believed that this industry is considered to be a high-potential career option. Hence, education institutions that offer esports programs are also starting to arise.


But more than the career benefits this industry can offer, creating an esports-focused community inside the schools also builds a well-nurtured student environment. The community can help students discover their passion, excel in it, and improve their collaboration skills, which would also benefit their academic goals. SEAGM believes we can be an instrument for this development and would continue to support the industry and the community to grow.”

The SEAGM Challengers Stage kicks off with 16 teams on 2nd July starting with its Qualifiers/Playoffs Stage, to be followed by the Challengers Stage a week after. A total prize pool of RM 1,500 is at stake and awaits the competing teams.

About SEA Gamer Mall

SEA Gamer Mall Sdn Bhd, SEAGM is an established international digital goods and services e-commerce platform company for global gamers, game developers, and publishers. With several offices worldwide in Malaysia, China, and Thailand, SEAGM is the gamer’s choice for online game top-ups and digital goods.

SEAGM has successfully developed a digital goods e-commerce and online game payment platform ( and a digital goods marketplace platform ( from the ground up. With many projects and successful collaborations and partnerships in place, SEAGM is set to achieve greater milestones as it makes its mark in the gaming industry globally.

About Valorant Challengers Stage

Valorant Challengers Stage (VCS) is a student-held initiative to introduce the professional esports scene within the collegiate community. With a profound passion for competitive gaming, VCS believes in the synergy between gameplay and content, and is dedicated to showcase talents within the Valorant esports scene, be it for collegiate enthusiasts or growing esports teams. 


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