SEAGM applauds SEM9 on new sim racing team, SEM9.Axle

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SEAGM applauds SEM9 on new sim racing team, SEM9.Axle

SEAGM is proud to see SEM9, in collaboration with Axle Sports, adding another professional esports team to its growing roster. The team will be making its first debut under the new banner in the upcoming 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual event.

Meet the SEM9.Axle team

The collaboration between SEM9 and Axle Sports forms a team of promising young man led by Asia’s most successful race driver, Alex Yoong. Functioning as the Team Manager, Alex Yoong is the perfect candidate and role model for the team of young drivers consisting of Alister Yoong, Muhammad Nabil and Muhammad Naquib. Despite their young age with Alister being 18, Nabil and Naquib is 19 and 21 respectively, the three main drivers of the team has participated in many sim racing tournaments.

Leader’s note of confidence

As the CEO of SEAGM and the Chairman of SEM9, Tommy Chieng mentions that; “SEAGM is excited to witness the growth of SEM9 as they continue to grow the Malaysian esports scene while evolving into the global scene particularly in the sim racing arena. We are looking forward to sim racing’s growth both locally and in the SEA region.”

The Managing Director of SEM9, Kevin Wong, added to Tommy’s quote saying, “We are happy and excited to be going on this journey with Alex. Indeed, sim racing is beginning to gain a big traction in this region and we hope to be a dominating force in this field as well. SEM9 strives to be the biggest and most disruptive esports organization in the region. Undoubtedly, with this team, we will be able to reach greater heights together.”

Tommy Chieng, Chairman of SEM9

About Axle Sports

Founded in 2008, Axle Sports is the brainchild of Alex Yoong. Popularly known for being the first Malaysian to race in Formula One, three-time champion of the Audi R8 LMS Cup, he is also the founder of eRacing GP. Embodying Alex’s drive and passion for motorsports, Axle provides a platform and training ground for anyone with a passion for the sport through their sim racing competitions and driver academy.

Alex Yoong, SEM9.Axle Team Manager

SEAGM will continue to play a vital role as the main sponsor of SEM9 in their journey of becoming the biggest esports organization in the region.

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