SEAGM Annual Dinner 2021: Celebrating Our People

by Sammy Chan
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The SEAGM Annual Dinner is one of my favorite events to look forward to each year as an employee. On this day, everybody is a winner one way or another. It is an event that transcends the culture of the company – inclusivity.

As a tradition that began more than 10 years ago, SEAGM and the event itself have drastically changed through time. Our first ever annual dinner back in 2011 was a symbolic event to celebrate moving into the new office. That new office has since then become our second home. SEAGM’s first-ever dinner was the one that sets a uniquely different lucky draw. It was held just outside the office with multiple teepees and family members of staff attending.

Fast forward to 2017, SEAGM is celebrating its 10th anniversary since its founding in a big venue with an even bigger team. The family grew and continues to grow. 

Celebrating the People of SEAGM

Unlike a conventional lucky draw, a SEAGM Lucky Draw is something that everyone gets to win. The tradition here is that we buy prizes for everyone from varying price ranges. So everyone gets to take something home – it’s just a matter of what you get! It’s a very inclusive culture that resonated with me when I attended my first annual dinner in which I won the second prize – a Samsung S9 phone back then. It certainly left a big impression on me. I felt like I was a part of this big family, and that’s the special feeling the company wants to impart every year. Besides this, the annual dinner is also an occasion for us to celebrate deserving individuals.

From that day onwards, SEAGM has consistently held an annual dinner event that gets more significant each year which is a telling sign of the company’s positive growth throughout the years. This year the grand total of all the prizes given away were MYR 60,000, with iPhone 12, iPad Pro, and a big 4K tv topping the list.

SEAGM Annual Dinner in 2021

It wasn’t just in 2021 that we had to make our annual dinner differently. Last year in 2020, everything was set and ready to go before we received the lockdown notification in March. A day before sending all its staff home to work, SEAGM held a simple lucky draw using Facebook Live.

Since this year was not going to be any different in the sense that we can still gather, the Annual Dinner Committee wanted to do something bigger.

The team put together an online stream via YouTube featuring a Traditional Chinese theme and we held a virtual event! It was a celebration that included all of our offices, such as our headquarter in Sitiawan and those in Kuala Lumpur, China, and Thailand, hanging out together on Google Meet and chatting while watching the stream on YouTube.

To kick things off, we have our MCs invite CEO Tommy Chieng for an opening speech. He shared with us the new company vision.


CEO Tommy Chieng giving the opening speech and sharing the new company vision.

SEAGM wants to achieve billion-ringgit revenue by 2030. It also aspires to be the most innovative and largest digital goods platform globally and contributes back to the gaming community by collaborating with game industry players for talent development and creating potential career paths for gamers. Last but not least, SEAGM wants to create a sustainable gaming lifestyle that covers payment, hardware, digital goods, e-sports, and entertainment in everyone’s life.

Featured and Upcoming Awards

Every year, the annual dinner usually features only one award – The best Attendance Award. To be eligible for this, you have to never clock in late or clock out early at work. Additionally, this is given to appreciate employees who take good care of their health and don’t take medical leave throughout the year.

For 2021, however, a new award was introduced alongside new categories for the SEAGM Employee Appreciation Awards 2022. A total of 53 employees received their Service Award! 45 employees received the Running The Marathon Service Award for being with SEAGM for more than 5 years, while another 8 received the Forever With Us for being an old-timer of 10 years and above. This makes up 36% of our employees!

Introducing new ways to appreciate our employees in 2020 and 2021!

Here are some of the new categories that will be featured next year:

Behavior and Value

  • Integrity Award
  • Best Team Player Award
  • Service Excellence Award
  • You Made a Difference Award
  • Outstanding Innovator Award

Departmental Performance Award

  • Rookie of the Year

Customer Service Department Internal Awards

  • Role Model
  • Customer-Centric Officer
  • Team MVP (Trader)
  • The Best Fraud Awareness

If you’re looking to snag yourself a fancy spot on the stage during the prize-giving next year, make sure to check with HR on how you can qualify for these awards above!

Next year, we’re hoping we get to celebrate again with everyone together under the same roof. We also want to revitalize the meaning of coming together for the annual dinner. Last but not least, here’s to a bigger prize pool and more award winners next year!

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