SEAGM and Utomik announces partnership

by Raymond Foo
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SEAGM  and Utomik partner up to bring unlimited and accessible gaming to all. Hence, October 7, 2021 marks the date where the two brands will commence their collaboration. Players all around the world will be able to gain access to Utomik’s massive game library through SEAGM.

Best of both worlds

With over 4 million registered users, SEAGM stands strong as a trusted digital online game store. The platform readily provides access to users globally with over 100 payment methods. Through SEAGM, Utomik will gain access to global markets.

On the other hand, Utomik offers a service where gamers can play their through their massive library and boot up games almost instantly. This technology circumvents long download time for games with larger file size, making gaming more accessible to everyone, especially those with lower internet bandwidth. Therefore, this partnership aims to bring the best of both worlds together. Through Utomik, SEAGM will be able to help make gaming more accessible via Utomik’s large game catalogue featuring over 1250 games. Additionally, the library constantly receives update as more titles are added.

In CEO’s words

CEO and Co-Founder of SEAGM, Tommy Chieng  shared his credence on the partnership and stated that,

“We are excited that our partnership with Utomik to bring together gamers all around the world to not only have access to the enormous gaming library with one easy click, but also be able to do so effortlessly with the many payment options made available to users. I am thrilled to be working together with Utomik and trust that we will be able to reach many more audience to swiftly use our services and be able to enjoy it at the same time”.

Doki Tops, CEO and founder of Utomik also shared his enthusiasm where he said,

“We at Utomik are incredibly excited about our new partnership with SEAGM. SEAGM loves online games and wants to get games to people fast and easy, and so do we! As a company we are always looking for new markets to explore. SEAGM allows us to offer our service to a much larger audience. I personally can’t wait to see our partnership flourish!”

Fruitful future

The value that binds both of these companies together is their shared passion to do more for the gaming community. Together with Utomik, SEAGM hopes to make gaming more accessible to everyone as it is one of the company’s vision as well.

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