Sammy – The Independent and Jill-of-All-Trades Leader

by Aly Damil
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Playing video games, cooking new recipes, and home improvements – that’s what Sammy Chan usually does during her off days. During work, she is an independent and jill-of-all-trades leader at SEAGM.

 As the Manager of Partnership, Collaboration, and Public Relations, her team is behind SEAGM’s campaign collaboration with payment partners and game publishers. Currently leading a team of three members – a PR and Communications Executive, a Graphic Designer, and a Video Editor, she is looking to add a Marketing Executive – Partnership and Project who would run campaigns together with her.

 Let’s get to know more about Sammy

 Growing up, Sammy learned English through reading Harry Potter books. She has a degree in Broadcasting but ended up in a Marketing role as she believes that “we learn as we go.” When she’s not working, she usually plays video games on PC, cooking, and cleaning the house. Although she thinks that cleaning the kitchen after cooking isn’t fun, she enjoys discovering new recipes and trying them out!

Sammy Chan

 Sammy has been with SEAGM for five (5) years now. With the desire of working in a gaming company but with no specific role in mind, she first wanted to join as a customer service officer. Little did she know, she would end up with a completely new and different role in the company – writing content.

 Prior to landing her first role at SEAGM, she was running an e-magazine with a group of people playing Final Fantasy XIV while taking a rest from a previous production house job. With her writing background, Tommy Chieng (CEO of SEAGM) offered her a challenge of running a content division which she gladly accepted.

 According to Sammy, “It was not easy. I had to learn how to use WordPress. From writing articles to building the website with basic HTML knowledge. It was enjoyable doing that. While I wrote the articles mostly, I also had to photoshop the feature images so it’s like a one-man team for a while.”

 The Marketing Department started expanding later on, and she was put into a different role as a Manager of the Partnership, Collaboration, and Public Relations. In her five (5) years with SEAGM, she has done different things from crisis management, to collaboration with publishers, and writing content. “I’m having fun doing a bunch of different things as SEAGM is the kind of employer who always encourages their employees to try different things,” she added.

 The independent and jill-of-all trades leader

 One thing is for sure, Sammy is not the kind who likes to micromanage. She puts a lot of trust in her team members; hence, she trusts them and counts on them to accomplish something. She said,

 “I think the person writing this would know what kind of manager I am. But to put it simply, I’m not the kind who likes to micromanage. I would like to provide a clear brief, and I would expect it to be carried out. What I count as a competent person is someone who can work independently and can look for their own resources and information. I want you to know how to figure out things on your own and walk the path on your own but I will show you which direction to go. That’s why I need people who are independent; we can work as a team but at the same time, everybody does their own part and contributes to the bigger picture.”

Partnership, Collaboration, and Public Relations Team

 An effective Marketing Executive is someone who can think for themselves

 According to Sammy, she looks for a Marketing Executive who is independent, can think for themselves, and do their own research with her minimal guidance. Secondly, understanding of how the gaming industry works and its trend would be a big plus!

 “Of course, you must be someone who fits into the SEAGM culture. I would like to work with someone who can see that we are working towards the same goal, and not competing against each other so let’s work together and get things done. That’s one of the traits I appreciate in a person. As the team leader, you need to be able to have conceptual thinking to facilitate briefing for other teammates and at the same time, you need to understand what you’re doing first. Someone who is competent, for me, is an independent person who can think for themselves,” Sammy added.

 A cohesive and united front team

For Sammy, she wants her team to go hand in hand as to what she sees a person as competent. Her vision for her team is a team that works cohesively, united front, and gets things done where everything that the team does contributes towards the same goal. In addition, she wants her team to be able to contribute to the whole Marketing Department and work well with other teams.

The Partnership, Collaboration, and Public Relations team is currently looking for a Marketing Executive – Partnership and Project for SEAGM Malaysia. If you are someone who can work independently, resourceful, can get things done, and understand how the gaming industry works, you might be the one we are looking for!

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