Rogue Company Early Access Closed Beta is now live!

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Hi-Rez Studios’ latest game, Rogue Company, has now entered its closed beta phase. The game will be free-to-play upon official release. However, You can gain access to the Rogue Company early access beta by purchasing it on either PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or Epic Games. Specifically, the game will feature cross-save and cross-progression via Hi-Rez account.

Cast and Loadouts

Rogue Company revolves around 4-member team compositions to complete and secure objectives. There are currently 13 agents (Rogues) for players to play as. Each character is unique with differing abilities, passives and even weapons. The “Buy Menu” is different from that of Valorant or CS:GO, as your weapons are also limited to a character.

Rogues are unlockable via the games in-game currencies. You can earn “Reputation” by playing matches. Additionally, you can complete daily objectives to earn heaps of it at a time. For premium purchases, you can buy “Rogue Bucks” with real-life money. Players will be able to spend their currency on customization through costumes, weapon skins and spray tags.
The game also has emotes for the extra flair.

Gameplay and Features

Rogue Company is a 4v4 third person shooter. There are currently three announced game modes, two of which are playable in the beta.

Demolition is deemed the “competitive” game mode. Players will either plant or defuse bombs as the primary objective. No respawns.

Strikeout is the more “casual” of the two. Each team has 12 lives and rounds can be won by either eliminating all 12 lives or holding an objective zone.

Extraction is not currently available for the beta. It is an objective-heavy mode.

Before entering a match, players will be greeted with a “Buy” menu. Here, players can choose how to customize their loadouts to bring into battle. After each round, players can spend their earned cash on upgrading their weapons or buying new ones, making for a more viable and exciting “late game”. Melee weapons are a prominent tool in the game. Kill enemies in a swift three hits or alternatively throw your weapon to insta-kill them. Appropriately, they are one of the more expensive items in your “Buy” menu. Players do not lose their weapons even after death, which is a rather unique gameplay element. Consequently, newer players will have a better time learning how to handle economy without feeling too punished. Regardless, it is masterful gunplay that will win games.

The gameplay features an over-the-shoulder third-person view, making unnecessary peeking, and impatient rushes a self-destructive move. Aiming down sights also allows for switching shoulders. This gives the player more flexibility for strategical behind-cover peeks like in Rainbow Six: Siege.

The gameplay places a heavy emphasis on movement. Gunplay is accessible for even newcomers of the shooting genre, and economy is handled rather leniently. Movement and map knowledge will be the main supporting factors in securing victory.

A Variety of Maps

Maps have intractable elements such as ziplines to traverse or climable power points to gain a tactical advantage. I not entirely certain about the maps available for the beta, as I haven’t personally played the game. Additionally, current map info is mostly from the alpha. Here is a list of maps that have caught my attention however.

  • Windward
  • Skyfell
  • Favella
  • Factory
  • High Castle
  • Icarus
  • Panama Canal

Interested in Joining the Rogue Company Early Access?

You can purchase the beta on any of the available stores. In the meantime, if you need to add funds, we have Digital Game codes for PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Maybe Rogue company isn’t to your taste; check out our coverage on PUBG Mobile.

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