Riot Games Denies Team Dignitas Application

by Sammy Chan
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Team Dignitas exits NA LCS

Team Dignitas application has been denied despite being a constant in the NA LCS since 2013. Even after being acquired by the Philadephia 76ers in September of 2016, they didn’t offput their fanbase. And while the change of ownership started out on a rocky path, placing in 10th in the regular split. 2017 Dignitas contested Counter Logic Gaming for third place in the recent summer split. The organization has definitely made a name for themselves.

The Riot team has been working hard on implementing the new League structure for 2018. Currently, the eSports team is in phase two of the new structure: Application review. This means calls are being made to all applicants from phase one. Applicants include existing organizations whose teams have previously played in NA LCS to sports team owners and entrepreneurs. Surprisingly, Team Dignitas’s application did not make the cut. This means we will not be seeing Team Dignitas in the NA LCS spring split 2018.

What next?

Since they’re not playing in the league anymore, the owners will be forced to terminate or sell their existing contracts with their Jungler Byeong-hoon “Shrimp” Lee and AD Carry, Benjamin “LOD” deMunck. If the owners fail to do this, they will not receive the exit fee that will be pooled from the transition fee paid by partners that have not previously had teams in the NA LCS.
With Team Dignitas out, this means that there are only three of the other original NALCS teams left: Team Solo Mid, Team Liquid, and Counter Logic Gaming. As of now, no news has been heard from the other teams regarding their stance. But if a team as old and well-known as Dignitas has been rejected as a partner, it seems like the bar has been set pretty high for the NA region.
Though appears it would improve the quality of the region. However, NA League Championship Series is about to be completely overhauled.
For more detailed information on the progress, visit the lolesports website.

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