REVOLAND – Blockchain-based MOBA partners with SEAGM & Gamer Exchange

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MALAYSIA, APRIL 7, 2022 – Malaysia-based digital platform SEAGM is coming together with Gamer Exchange and Revoland. The collaboration, first of its kind between traditional gaming top-up and GameFi, aims to build the next generation of Blockchain games.

REVOLAND, being the first MOBA game on the blockchain, will be going live in April.  Players can gather friends to form a team, fight with others, and earn token rewards for their performance.  The game promotes both individual skills and teamwork, getting players to challenge themselves in various game modes. Ranking rewards refreshes monthly to incentivize players. At the moment, Revoland has more than 200,000 fans on its social media platforms and is expecting to reach more than 300,000 worldwide users at peak time.

Joseph Chua, Director of Gamer Exchange, commented:

“The marriage between Revoland and Gamer Exchange will pave the way for play-to-earn games in this region. Many game partners have approached us for collaboration, and our main concern was whether they are credible, safe and, sustainable. I’m happy to announce that Revoland is the partner we believe is highly credible, safe, and here for the long term. We couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead as we march together with Revoland into GameFi and the metaverse”.

Challenges that GameFi is facing now

Like most blockchain games, Revoland applies the play-to-earn paradigm of Revoland, rewarding players for playing games and participating in in-game economies, allowing users to buy and sell game-related NFTs. Unlike traditional game models such as free-to-play with in-game
purchases or pay-to-play, Revoland as a blockchain-based game gives players complete control over their digital assets.

The primary reason for GameFi’s existence is to offer a better way for players to earn money and improve the levels of financial inclusion across the world. However, blockchain games have not lived up to the mainstream so far. The fact that many initial players don’t even know how to top-up for the first time is significantly hampering the mission.

SEAGM provides an easy payment solution to Revoland

The partnership with SEAGM empowers Revoland in several ways. Revoland combines the power of traditional and blockchain-based payment pathways. In contrast, SEAGM, equipped with globally localized payment methods, enables Revoland to gain access to new markets and the extensive reach of more audiences. SEAGM accepts and pays out traditional currency in local geography.

With over 11 million active users globally and 100+ global payment channels, SEAGM can meet different user needs that propel the reach to relevant markets. Based on the diversified and secured transaction mechanism, Revoland is building a comprehensive ecosystem that provides convenient payment services for global users, especially in Southeast Asia to reach and grow the global community.

Tommy Chieng, CEO of SEAGM said:

“We’re thrilled to partner with Revoland on the Easy Payment Solution as we make payments simple for Revoland users. I have always believed that traditional gaming and GameFi will eventually converge. This partnership allows SEAGM to be more competitive in the gaming space and the pipeline that we have in store will certainly excite the market.”

The Vision of Chain X Game

Revoland is developed by Chain X Game, a Metaverse Game development company from London focusing on traditional game + blockchain development. Chain X Game’s first project, Puppy Planet, was a huge success, completing multiple milestones in just three months. To maintain the development momentum of Chain X Game, the team brings Revoland’s players with brand-new and to the extreme “play to earn” game experience through the most popular game types at present.

Above all, Chain X Game has been deeply involved in the development and innovation of the GameFi industry. Therefore, the partnership with SEAGM solves the payment issue, which is significant to allow more Southeast Asian players to lower barriers of entry into GameFi. At the same time, Chain X Game is not only creating the entrance of Web3.0 but bringing players closer to the Metaverse. Moreover, what Chain X Game has done is put many GameFi theories into practice and create an immersive experience in play-to-earn games, allowing players to have a better gaming experience and income in Revoland.


SEA Gamer Mall Sdn Bhd, SEAGM is an established international digital goods and services e-commerce platform company for global gamers, game developers and, publishers. With several offices worldwide in Malaysia, China and, Thailand, SEAGM is the gamer‘s choice for online game top-ups & digital goods.

SEAGM has successfully developed a digital goods e-commerce and online game payment platform ( and a digital goods marketplace platform ( from the ground up. With many projects along and successful collaborations and partnerships in place, SEAGM is set to achieve greater milestones as the company makes its mark in the gaming industry globally.

About Gamer Exchange

Gamer Exchange is an established middleware platform that allows brands to access to 1
million+ in-game currencies from thousands of global game titles. It is a B2B/B2C platform
that integrates with brands to help drive acquisition and retention within-game currency
assets. Founded in 2021 and head-quartered in Singapore, Gamer Exchange is a JV between
SEAGM and Aiken Digital.

About Aiken Digital

Aiken Digital is an established growth agency that focuses on developing technology
solutions powered by AI to ignite a new generation of growth for companies.
Aiken has a global footprint with 7 offices worldwide in Malaysia, Singapore, China and UK.
Founded in 2006 and head-quartered in China, Aiken serves multiple large clients such as
Mastercard, Sotheby, L’Oréal, OPPO and more.

About Chain X Game

Chain X Game focuses on traditional game + blockchain development and bringing
Metaverse Worlds for everyone.
Founded in 2020, with footprints in Dubai & UK. Chain X Game are dedicated to enriching the
lives of players by developing high-quality games that resonate with all kinds of personalities,
bring people together, and allow everyone to learn, earn and grow while having fun.


For GX
For Aiken Digital
For Revoland

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