Renekton is the Top Pick at ESL Mobile Open

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While the Wild Rift is set ablaze all across Southeast Asia as the ESL Mobile Open is underway, one champion is slicing and dicing their way to the top of the leaderboards. Renekton has been among the top 3 most picked Champions during ESL Mobile Open in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Notably, Renekton is the most picked Champion in Malaysia with a 64% pick rate. Following closely is Vietnam at 63.2% pick rate, with Nami’s 65.8% pick rate putting him at second. Lastly, for Thailand, Renekton is still third at a 58% pick rate, with Corki and Nami at 66.6% and 60.2% pick rate, respectively.

Why is Renekton such a good pick?

We need to go back in time to find out why Renekton is the top pick in ESL Mobile Open. Specifically, to patch 2.3 in Wild Rift on 8th June. In this patch, Renekton got a beefy buff to his base AD from 64 to 70 as well as his first ability, Cull the Meek. It’s healing per unit hit, base damage, and AD ratios were all buffed. Not only does that make it deadlier, but it also gives him better sustain. At max rank, Renekton’s Cull the Meek healing per unit hit was buffed from 10 to 15. That’s a whopping 50% increase.

However, it didn’t stop there. Riot felt that Trinity Force was overshadowing Black Cleaver too much as a bruiser item. So they nerfed Trinity Force and gave Black Cleaver a significant buff. Its AD was increased from 30 to 35, and the Sunder passive now gives a higher armor reduction with one less stack needed. It used to be 6 stacks maximum for 24% armor reduction. Now it’s 5 stacks for 25%. This meant that each Sunder stack was more significant and it can reach the maximum armor reduction quicker.

Renekton’s core item has always been Black Cleaver, and these two buffs compounded on each other to shoot him forward as one of the best bruisers in Wild Rift.

Putting it together: Why Renekton is the top pick in ESL Mobile Open 

Now that we’ve identified the components, let’s put it all together to see how Renekton functions now. The first thing to note is that an empowered Slice and Dice (third ability) can shred 25% armor as well. A Renekton’s goal in a team fight is to dash past the frontline and blow up an enemy carry, usually the marksman. A typical fight would be to build up Renekton’s Fury, then lead with Slice and Dice’s dash to get past the enemy team and the empowered second dash to get on top of the target and shred their armor. Once on top of the target, they auto-attack and animation cancel with Ruthless Predator. If everything aligns, you would have a stunned carry with 50% armor reduction and at that point, it’s easy pickings for the Buther of the Sands.

In terms of build path, Black Cleaver is the core item and the item players rush first. Most players take the Teleport Enchant for Renekton, but notably, SEM9’s ArrHedge favors the Protobelt Enchant for his boots. Not only does this enable him to assassinate his targets easier, but it also gives him more mobility to escape, which in turn allows him to be more aggressive with his pushes.

Either way, the next two items would be Blade of the Ruined King and Sterak’s Gage. Blade of the Ruined King pairs great with your auto attack + Ruthless Predator combo and gives you the attack speed to remain a threat when your cooldowns are down. Sterak’s Gage is just an incredibly gold-efficient bruiser item. Finally, your last two items would be defensive choices depending on the enemies’ composition.

Crocodile-infested waters in our future?

And that’s why Renekton has been the Top Pick in ESL Mobile Open so far. As the Renekton and Black Cleaver buff are both still intact, future games in other regions are likely to see Renekton at the top of the charts as well.

You can watch the ESL Mobile Open 2021: Malaysia Playoffs live on ESL’s Facebook or YouTube pages.

Meanwhile, you can stay up to date on our Wild Rift articles here!

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