Pushing through 2022 with key gaming payment trends via SEAGM

by Uma M.
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Pushing through 2022 with key gaming payment trends via SEAGM is the trend this year. In the gaming payments space, the pandemic has accelerated the demise of cash. As such, alternative payments have gained momentum, and the gaming industry has been more open to innovation. For example, by adopting cryptocurrency payments. SEAGM’s partnerships with payment merchants such as GrabPay, ShopeePayTouch ‘N Go eWallet  Additionally, SEAGM ventures with subscription mediums such as Utomik and more recently, cryptocurrency through its partnership with TripleA.

Game changer over the years

The demand for mobile games keeps increasing, while monetization challenges are becoming more complex in the gaming industry. As of 2021, Asia accounted for over 1.29 billion mobile gaming users, more than a 48 percent of global mobile gaming audiences. (Source: Statista Mobile Gamers By Region Report September 2021).  Hence, mobile players spend more money, more often, and the merchants optimize their monetization techniques.

Evolving Gaming Payment Trends:

  • Mobile gaming payments –  SEAGM has been a payment gateway that supports in-app purchases, which is a priority feature for mobile game developers.

  • Subscription based payments – SEAGM and Utomik partnered to bring unlimited and accessible gaming to users. As a result, layers all around the world can gain access to Utomik’s massive game library through SEAGM.

  • Cryptocurrency payment – SEAGM, partners with TripleA in accepting cryptocurrency payments. In this regard, users are now able to transact and settle payments for top-ups and digital goods using crypto.

  • Payment merchants – Apart from the many bank merchants affiliated with SEAGM’s payment methods, other alternatives are also available. For instance, SEAGM collaborates with GrabPay to enable users to make payment. Another option is using the Touch ‘N Go e-Wallet payment method. More recently,  SEAGM for Thailand users has been available on ShopeePay providing digital payment alternatives.

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Staying ahead with the latest

The role of SEAGM as a reliable payment solution provider plays a pivotal role and helps any gaming operators’ ability to provide a great customer experience. Therefore, in large part,  SEAGM will continue to focus its business growth by choosing quality and reliable business partners for future collaborations as it has been doing all along.


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