PUBG Mobile UC March 2022 Deals- Get 52% BONUS Unknown Cash

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Top up PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash before March 27, 2022 and enjoy up to 52% BONUS UC. With the upcoming Lamborghini x PUBG Mobile collaboration and Month 9 Royale Pass skins coming to the game, there is no better time to top up on UC with SEAGM.
Find more details below:
  • Duration: 17/3 – 27/3/2022
  • Title: March Bonus UC Event.

Eligible Products:

Get up to 52% bonus Unknown Cash on PUBG-Mobile by recharging with SEAGM channels with any payment channels available.
Claim your extra UC Bonus đź’° for each price tier that you reach before the event ends!

PUBG Mobile Bonus UC March 2022 – Terms & Conditions

1. The promotion begins on March 17, 2022 (00:00 GMT +8) and ends on March 27, 2022 (23:59 GMT +8).
2. The promotion is only applicable when reloading PUBG Mobile UC (Global) & PUBG Mobile UC (MY) with any payment method available on SEAGM.
3. This is effective across all participating platforms. Each Player ID can only receive EXTRA Bonus UC from each price tier ONCE per day, irrespective of which payment method is used or which participating platform. In subsequent reloads in the same price tier, users will still receive the Bonus UC but not the EXTRA Bonus UC. For example, If a player purchased 1500+375 UC denomination from SEAGM, you will only get the extra bonus once from the 12% tier, the account will not be able to enjoy the bonus by purchasing from other participating online shops from the 12% tier.
Unknown Cash
EXTRA Bonus UC (%)
0-60 Unknown Cash
61-300 Unknown Cash
301-600 Unknown Cash
601 Unknown Cash and above
4. All UC will immediately be added to the user’s PUBG Mobile account upon a successful reload.
5. SEAGM & Midasbuy reserve the right to change the terms and conditions for the internal event.
PUBG Mobile Global
Discount What You Order What You Get
7% 180+18 180+31
600+90 600+150
900+180 900+288
1500+375 1500+555
3000+1000 3000+1360
6000+2400 6000+3120
7800+3120 7800+4056
PUBG Mobile MY
Discount What You Purchase What You Get
77+4 77+10
152+11 152+22
302+41 302+72
422+60 422+103
602+91 602+164
722+118 722+205
902+166 902+275
1442+351 1442+525
3002+1001 3002+1362
4202+1513 4202+2018
6002+2401 6002+3122
7202+2881 7202+3746
14402 +5761 14402+7490
30002 +12001 30002+15602
42002 + 16801 42002+21842

Top Up for Lamborghini and Warframe Collaborations TODAY

Bear in mind that each bonus can be claimed ONCE. Once you purchase a denomination, your bonus rates will revert to the original values on the second purchase onwards. Click on the link to shop now.
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