PSN Golden Week Sale Features Great Bargain

by Sammy Chan
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The PlayStation store is overflowing with sales in conjunction with Golden Week. Deluxe Editions of popular anime-franchise games such as One Piece: Burning Blood and SAO: Hollow Realization is being discounted by up to 70%! Other notable mentions are Bad Apple Wars, hack-and-slash DmC Devil May Cry and the recently released Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition. It’s even better if you’re a PlayStation Plus member as most titles have double discounts on this PSN Golden Week sale!

Golden Week Sale

Still waiting for that payday? No worries! Despite being dubbed the ‘Golden Week Sale’, the opportunity will be available up ‘til May 8. The sale currently has 219 items listed for sale, inclusive of full games and DLC expansions (as of today, 236!). The website crashed two or three times during a personal session. Could this mean titles are scheduled to cycle during the sale? Or maybe there’s just too many people taking advantage of these crazy deals. Most probably the latter. With recent titles getting price cuts and classics going as low as four dollars, people are most probably on the site planning out their purchases wisely.
It doesn’t help that the sale discounts items on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable as well. Don’t like the sound of paying full price for an old game you’ve bought before? I get you. I personally have been eyeing Mega Man Maverick Hunter X to take nostalgia on the go with PS Vita, and now’s my chance. I’m saving $6 and… would you look at that? The critically acclaimed but weird looking PS4 game Hatoful Boyfriend is on sale for $6. I’m probably never going pay full price for it, but maybe now I’ll see what all the rave is about…?

Save your Money AND Society!

While we are already getting loads of discounted titles on the PSN Store, Humble Bundle has also just recently announced a new bundle! The Humble Capcom x Sega Bundle is coming to North America regions and will feature a hit collection of indie and AAA titles from both publishers. If you’re not from North America, you can still purchase the bundle. You will, however, need a North American PSN account to redeem the codes. The bundle will conveniently be available up to May 8. Purchases made from Humble Bundle contribute to charity, meaning you can have fun while contributing to society. Take advantage of these deals now! If you’re having trouble understanding how tiers work in Humble Bundle, maybe this PlayStation Blog  post will help you.

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