All Teams Qualifying for PMPL MY/SG S4 – PMNC 2021 Winners and Overall Standings

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The PUBG Mobile National Championship – MY Region recently concluded. Four teams are moving on to the Pro Leagues, otherwise known as PMPL MY/SG S4.  Those teams include fan-favorite Yoodo Gank and PMNC Winners GRiTG ARES.

PMNC 2021 Overall Placements – Winners

The overall standings for the three-day PMNC event are as follows:

  1. GTG ARES (192 points)
  2. YOODO GANK (188 points)
  3. YSX Esport X (162 points)
  4. Team Bosskurr (149 points)
  5. VXM Slumber (147 points)
  6. TheFarang Lejund (131 points)
  7. NSEA (127 points)
  8. Envy Faora (104 points)
  9. THE GRINGOS ESPORT (91 points)
  10. Astra X (87 points)
  11. Todak (86 points)
  12. NRL Eliminated (81 points)
  13. Karakin Solo (71 points)
  14. Miramar Solo (65 points)
  15. Erangel Solo (61 points)
  16. Sanhok Solo (36 points)

The top four teams will proceed to move on to the PMPL MY/SG Season 4 event, while teams placing 6-10 will take part in the said event’s qualifier.

yoodo gank member

Cash Winnings and Other Rewards

While fan favorites Yoodo Gank and Team Bosskurr are now participants in the PMPL MY/SG Season 4 event through a close qualifier, GRiTG ARES has left a notable impression. Aside from becoming the overall champions, they also secure two awards for best performing players. Day 1 and Day 2 MVP titles went to Lex and BabyKim respectively.

Gank’s Putra is the recipient of two awards in the PMNC Championship; the Day 3 MVP and Overall Terminator.  Additionally, his team managed to secure three Chicken Dinners throughout the 15 Match event. Their highlight comes from Match 6/15, obtaining 18 kills while subsequently earning the Chicken Dinner.

Reported by SEAGM.

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