“Pearls of Perak” by The Star featuring SEAGM

by Yong Chi Winn
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The Star newspaper recently did a feature on tech companies in Perak in their Pearls of Perak article. SEAGM was one of the company featured in the article.

SEAGM and Sitiawan

Tommy Chieng, the chief operating officer, joined SEAGM in 2010. The company went on to expand beyond Malaysia and Singapore to the rest of Southeast Asia. Ten years later, SEAGM is a global corporation offering 24 hour customer support in 10 languages. The business also features various payment options including PayPal which is accepted internationally.

The main reason to be based in Sitiawan is that Wong is from here and dislikes city life. When he started the company, he ran the business out of a room in his home.

Tommy Chieng, Pearls of Perak – The Star

Small town vs big city

Wong Ong Hua, the company’s founder, grew up in Sitiawan and so did Tommy. It’s one of the contributing factor why the company began it’s expansion in Sitiwan.

Mr. Wong Ong Hua with staffs. (Image via The Star)

Tommy did point out how the city folks are more demanding when it comes to salary and lifestyle quality. In comparison, small town folk are more contented with the state of things. This plays a role when it comes to hiring.

SEAGM wants to cultivate local talent and for roles that they can’t fill in the Sitiawan office, they’ll hire from the KL office instead.

The company also looks out its employees well being via providing coverage to gym and the likes on top of providing incentives quarterly to encourage family time.

Read the full article here or check out the PDF version below.

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