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by Sammy Chan
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You’re sitting on your chair, at your desk, at home, leaned back and shoulders loose, relaxed as you swing your mouse to the side, repositioning your crosshair for the kill-shot you’ve taken a thousand times. Bang. One down. Bang. Another. Bang. Your team swoops in for the clean up and the words ‘Team Kill’ are highlighted at the top of your screen. And suddenly you’re not at home, not at your desk or in your chair. You’re in an arena and there are a thousand voices chanting your name– your battletag.
Glory is not found but taken.
Overwatch is giving new teams a chance at glory on the big stage, that is, if they can prove themselves on the maps. Unfortunately, the tournament is only valid for players in the North American and European region this year. Overwatch is still a relatively new game, we can be sure they will expand their reach in the future.
Overwatch Contender Season Zero registrations launched off on the 22nd of May and has since been forced to reschedule their qualifying matches due to the overwhelming response. The response was expected, with a prize pool of $50,000 on the line for each region and no one’s name written on it, players will band together for the barest chance at it.
The top 6 teams from Season Zero will be joined by APEX’s EnVy and Rogue for six-weeks of round-robin on Overwatch Contenders Season One to determine the next top four teams to battle it out in the playoffs for a prize pool of $100,000.
Overwatch Contenders is not merely an event with an impressive prize pool, it is a tournament designed to introduce new talent to the Overwatch Esports scene. A giant showcase of skill for future talents. Organizations will be watching and you can bet they’ll be fighting their own battles for the right superstar.
Since the launch, Overwatch has made some changes to the scheduling to better adapt to the community’s response. Here’s the schedule updates for you to prepare for their livestream
For more information about the tournament and registrations check out their website

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