Overwatch Anniversary 2018 details leaked on Twitter

by Sammy Chan
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It seems like leaks are the theme of the month. Last week we had Steam Summer Sale 2018 start date leak on top of the Walmart oopsies revealing E3 games ahead of the event. Guess what we have this week? Overwatch Anniversary 2018 event date leaked ahead of time! Well, none of us are really complaining I’m sure but damn, they really need to get a plumber. May 22 will be the start of the this year’s Overwatch Anniversary. The official Brazillian Overwatch Twitter account posted a trailer ahead of time last Friday, revealing the date. Here’s what you can expect in the Overwatch Anniversary 2018 event.

What’s in Overwatch Anniversary 2018?

We have a re-upload of the video up above if you want to check it out. The original tweet has been removed but it basically features Junkrat and Roadhog dancing, showing off Legendary Skins. There’s also, of course, the start date – May 22. The new pirate-themed Junkrat skin or fans would call it, Captain Junk Sparrow is a legendary skin. With dreadlocks and bandana to top off a ship’s wheel for RIP-tire, I’m all ready to throw money at it. There’s no hi-res picture yet but here’s a consolation fan art.

Upon translation the text in the trailer, it indicates that the event will include items and brawls from previous Seasons. Seems like Blizzard is finally taking the community’s feedback into account after the rather disappointing anniversary celebration back in 2017.
So get that pocket ready because this is the once in a year chance for you to pick up skins from previous events that you might’ve missed! Based on the trailer, we can assume that Lunar New year 2017, Halloween Terror 2016, Winter Wonderland 2016 and 2017 will be included. We can probably expect to hear an official release as soon as next week. When the full detail has been released we’ll update a new post detailing all the features of the event!

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