April Fools! Here Are Our Favorite Jokes from the Gaming Community

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March 31st ~ April 2nd is always the most “sus” period of the year because of April Fools. It’s the unspoken rule that you can never believe ANY information released within this period of time. Times have changed though. Very often megabrands just pump an overwhelming budget into their jokes in hopes of becoming absurdly viral. There are some cases, however, where a company will go the lengths to formally email their media partners to publish untrue information. Whatever the case, 2021 did not fail to provide epic pranks. Here are some of our favorites:

myBurgerLab’s Sausage Flavored Condoms

May be an image of ‎text that says "‎myBurgerLab FLAVORED SAUSAGE WRAPPER Lucy Rng N& OU ۔ Con NEW MERCHANDISE #CUMMINGSOON‎"‎

This isn’t gaming related, but myBurgerLab’s exclusive condom line was too good to pass up. Getting it out of the way, this is one our favorites due to how perfect the pieces fit together. From being sausaged-flavored, to the risqué names, down to the hashtag, this joke is nothing short of genius. It’s also great for reminding the public to practice safe sex.

Razer Rapunzel Chroma Hair Dye

Razer uploaded a minute-long trailer to their twitter, showcasing an exclusive, innovative hair product. To quote their tweet, “Rapunzel is the world’s first RGB haircare product that delivers full-spectrum, and customizable per-hair lighting”. There’s even app functionality!

POBG, PUBG’s Younger Brother

PlayerOmnom’s Battlegrounds (POBG) is a limited-time game mode exclusive to April’s annual occasion. It’s a top down shooter that sports nostalgic pixel graphics that everyone who owns the game can play! The mode is available on PC until April 12th, with console players able to play April 8th-19th.


SEAGM also partook in the April Foolery madness, but we decided to reward the brave for venturing. In light of Yoodo Gank’s amazing Week One performance, SEAGM offered a 100% discount code on their upcoming Jersey. The first few to redeem the code got to pre-order the upcoming Jersey worth RM100 for free, complete with a custom name!

In case you missed out but are still interested, you can place your pre-orders through Gank’s website.

May be a cartoon of 7 people and text

The Entirety of the Valorant Community

Valorant had no shortage of cruel April Fools pranks. From individual game artists designing a hot-take on the much-requested “butterfly knife” to the devastating build-up of a fake dating simulator, some were left more disheartened than amused.

  1. Absurd patch notes that claim to remove an “overpowered” cosmetic known as the Prime Vandal. [link]
  2. Valorant’s official Skins producer Preeti Khanolkar announcing “Run-it-back Vol 2” skin set that comprised entirely of Guardians (one of the least popular guns in the game). [link]
  3. Premium Content Lead Sean Marino showcasing the highly demanded (literal) Butterfly Knife. [link]
  4. No more rank badge, only hearts. You are just as good as Hiko.
  5. Dating Sim Easter Eggs. [link]
  6. Elevenz officially joining the Sentinels Roster [link]

They even botched up the pricing of their latest Magepunk skinline, however that was no April Fools. Thankfully, those that paid the inflated price are in the process of getting their refunds.

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