Valorant New Skins “Magepunk” Looks Dope – Here’s All We Know

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Valorant Skins can be hit or miss. Prime, Glitchpop, and Ego are just to name a few of the bundles that have bled wallets dry. Moreover, this leaked look at the upcoming “Magepunk” skins may put our wallets in danger yet again. A number of prominent Valorant data miners have posted clips of the skins after the game’s latest patch (Mar 29), and to tell the truth, they are looking mighty dangerous.

valorant magepunk skin

Credit: @/Valorleaks on Twitter

The skins provided in the bundle will encompass the following guns and cost accordingly:

  • Ghost (1,775 VP)
  • Marshal (1,775 VP)
  • Spectre (1,775 VP)
  • Bucky (1,775 VP)
  • Knife (1,775 VP)

As well as provide players with:

  • Player Card
  • Spray
  • Gun Buddy x2

The skins feature unique geometry, firing animations, and even kill banner. It will feature levels which will most likely follow the 10 Radianite per level rule. Magepunk skins, including the melee, will also have variants, which we speculate will cost the standard 15 Radianite per variant.

magepunk melee
magepunk valorant skin

Bear in mind that this is a leak and prices are subject to change. Valorant melee skins typically cost much higher than the average gun skin so if Magepunk does retail at 1,775 VP it would be a first for the franchise.


After an official release, the Magepunk skinline is confirmed to be 1,775 VP per gun, with the Melee costing 3,550 VP. The entire bundle will cost 7,100 VP, and will save customers 4,000+ VP.

Valorant Magepunk Levels:

The Valorant Magepunk will feature 4 levels, proceeding to Variants:

  1. Base
  2. Firing VFX Animation
  3. Additional model decorations, lighting effects, and mechanical reload effects
  4. Kill Banners


  • Blue (Default)
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange

The Lore of Valorant “Magepunk”

According to one of the developers, Magepunk is the development team’s take on “reimagined Steampunk”. It began development in May 2019, however underwent several reimaginings and design overhauls as it was meant to tie in with the game’s lore of alternate universes.

Riot wanted their own unique take on the Steampunk concept and refused to settle on the skin series’ initial designs that too closely resembled generic steampunk. Because of this, the development team created a “what-if” scenario and took the physical, mechanical aesthetic of steampunk and powered it with, instead of steam, magic.

The electricity that we see in the guns is actually magic, powering the gun like a battery. This also explains why the Variants will put emphasis on the color of the “electricity” instead of the gun itself.

Also read:

Clearly a lot of work was put into this skin, as the geometric design is above average. Additionally, you can distinguish individual mechanical parts of the gun as you upgrade it to Level 3, which overhauls the reload, idle, and firing animation.

Screenshot taken from HITSCAN YouTube channel.

In terms of aesthetic, it closely resembles Cypher’s gloves which sports a dark body in addition to copper lining decals. Moreover, each gun has Magepunk exclusive sound effects. It’s worth noting as some premium skins do not have sound effects (i.e. Singularity).

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