NBA Playgrounds 2 Will Correct The Mistakes In The Original

by Sammy Chan
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Saber Interactive, the indie company responsible for the first game, announced NBA Playgrounds 2 for a summer 2018 release. The title was the third highest selling game on the US PS Store in May 2017, bringing the company meaningful success. Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive, posted the details on PlayStation Blog.
NBA Playgrounds 2

Improvements All Around

Matthew Karch seemed enthusiastic in his PlayStation Blog post, claiming that the sequel is “…essentially everything you asked for.” A new feature in the sequel will be the Playgrounds Championship, an online worldwide league. There will be co-op and solo leagues, so you’ll have the option of playing it with a friend or alone. They are also adding an online four-player mode, allowing for a more versatile four-player composition of human and AI in game.
NBAPG2 will also be getting dedicated online servers to reduce connectivity issues like in the first game. This is a quality of life improvement as it will reduce matchmaking time and lag. Which was also a major issue in the first game.
In the original, four players could play together on a single console. Hopefully that will be a feature available in the sequel. We don’t know anything specific about that. However, come summer, Karch will reveal more to us.

Not Abandoning Single-Player

Multiplayer mode revamps aside, the single-player segment is getting an upgrade as well. Season Mode will allow players to play through a season, play-offs, and compete in the NBA Championship. There will also be a huge roster of over 200 current and retired NBA players to unlock via card packs. New character models, facial animations and music have been added, giving more variety to your experience. The AI has also been revamped to give you more of a challenge.
The game is popular for its over-the-top tricks and mechanics to complement its cartoonish art style. The sequel will introduce even more mechanics like alley-oops to give players a more entertaining experience.

Disappointed NBA Fans

The announcement trailer on PlayStation’s official channel received a positive reception. Still, there are many fans displeased with the announcement. Some were hoping, for NBA Street, which was one of the top-selling games of all time on PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. The franchise ended on consoles with NBA Street Homecourt in 2007.

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