Just a Month After Release, NBA 2K21 is Now On Sale (STEAM)

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Despite only a month after release, you can now get NBA 2K21 on sale via Steam. It’s no secret; annual release sports titles are slowly being called out by the community for being lazy reskins of their predecessors. Madden ’21 and FIFA 21 are under fire for their bare minimum changes. Now, NBA 2K21 is feeling the heat.

The game is generally under a lot of criticism. IGN gave it a 6/10, stating that “It’s a shame that 2K’s focus isn’t on the fun that you can have on the court, but instead the money that can be extracted from your wallet off the court in the MyCareer and MyTeam modes”

nba 2k21 on sale

Steam currently has NBA 2K21 on sale for 35 percent off. The PC version of the game is under a slew of negative reviews. Eight out of ten of Steam’s “Most Helpful” reviews state that the PC port is too buggy in addition to being home to VC hackers.

The criticism doesn’t stem from just optimization issues, however, as the contents of the game itself is under fire. There is a heavy emphasis on microtransactions for it’s MyCareer and MyTeam modes, giving it a cash-grab identity by many.

There are modes that do not have microtransaction features. Unfortunately, these modes are almost exactly the same as last year’s NBA 2K game. Additionally, many problems from previous games, such as weird AI behaviors, are still prominent. This leads to the question as to why NBA 2K21 is a full-on $60 game, when most of these issues can be hypothetically solved with an update.

nba 2k21
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Sadly, to quote Polygon, It’s possible that good enough is, in fact, good enough. There is nothing wrong with spending money you’ve earned on a product you’re interested in. Despite NBA 2K21’s glaring issues and mediocre reception, it is still one of the best virtual basketball experiences you can get.

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