Naruto: Slugfest is here! Relive the story of Naruto Shippuden!

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Naruto: Slugfest, the world’s first 3D Open World Action MMORPG Mobile Game Adaptation of Naruto Shippuden has arrived, and my gosh it’s beautiful. Take a look for yourself!

Naruto Open World 1
Slugfest Open World 2
Open World 3
Open World 4
Open World 5

Admit it. Ever since coming across Naruto, everyone developed a secret Ninja inside right? (Or is the writer alone in this?) Well, good news is, we can ALL live the Ninja life right now! With your mobile devices! Here’s how to do it, download Naruto: Slugfest!

Explore Hidden Leaf  Village, and follow your own Ninja way by playing as one of these unique classes: Earth Keeper, Thunder Assassin, Wind Shooter or Blazing Lotus, and get exciting rewards as you clear different missions from Hokage! 

Revisit iconic places in an immersive 3D open world setting, or participate in intense PVP Battles as you forge the path to be the best ninja amongst the rest. SPeaking of PVP battles, Naruto: Slugfest will feature massive PvP battles from 1-vs-1 up to 20-vs-20 plus a range of Shinobi tasks that ranges from simple D-rank missions up to more challenging S-Rank missions.

Oh by the way, Naruto: Slugfest features awesome animated in-game cutscenes, WITH the original voice actors! I don’t know what you’re waiting for, but if you don’t already have this downloaded, you’re missing out on quite a great game. 

Oh, and just a little trivia in case you didn’t know; Shippuden means ‘hurricane’ in Japanese. Note that Naruto’s full name translates to maelstrom, a type of storm. Naruto: Shippuden is after the Chunin exams and takes place when Naruto is around the age of 15. Neat!

And of course, SEAGM will soon have all your Naruto: Slugfest Gold in check. If you want to check out their prices in the meantime, click here.

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