More sneak peeks at Monster Hunter live-action movie

Capcom is returning with another film following their last Resident Evil movie back in 2016. This time around, we’re getting a Monster Hunter live-action movie. With the recent success surrounding Monster Hunter: World, this move wasn’t one that surprised the fans. Production has already begun and we’ve got a few sneak peek from the casts’ Instagram.
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Here’s what we know so far

Milla reading lines in a cave. (Image via Instagram @giftedtalents)
The Alpha Team taking a break. (Image via Instagram @millajovich)
Alpha Team featuring T.I, Diego Boneta and Milla Jovovich (Image via Instagram @troubleman31)
Tony Jaa and Milla Jovovich on set. (Image via Instagram @tonyjaaofficial)
Sergeant Marshall with his gun, in Monster Hunter. (Image via Instagram @diego)
Same, Meagan, same. (Image via Instagram @meagangood)

This isn’t the first adaptation we’ve seen from Capcom. We’ve seen the dark, apocalyptic world of the past two Resident Evil films. And of course, that’s not to mention the past few Street Fighter adaptations that we’ve all consistently tried to forget about. It’s no surprise that fans are doubting this product, let’s hope Capcom prove us wrong – hopefully.

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