Monster Hunter XX to be on Nintendo Switch

by Sammy Chan
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Image via Monster Hunter XX

New owners of the Nintendo Switch! Gather round and gather close. The games keep coming, and though it is not a new game, it is a new release nonetheless. Monster Hunter XX is coming to the new Nintendo Switch. The release date has yet to be announced; however Monster Hunter XX is available on Japanese 3DS as of March 2017. So if you have a 3DS, can read Japanese, and you can’t wait – you can start playing!
Note: The game will only run on Japanese 3DS devices and is untranslated from the original Japanese language.
Nintendo will be at E3 2017, where they will be showcasing the upcoming Switch titles. You may catch a glimpse of Monster Hunter XX there. Capcom has yet to announce whether Monster Hunter XX will be available outside of Japan, but taking into account of previous Monster Hunter titles, it can be assumed that it will be localized initially but released internationally in a few months.

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