Monster Hunter World DLC Details, Second Beta

by Sammy Chan
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Many players were left in a state of withdrawals after the first beta. If you’re one of those players, here’s a piece of great news! There’s going to be a second Monster Hunter World beta and this time around, no PS Plus is required. This is most likely a stress test for the server. The second beta starts December 22 and ends December 26. You can start pre-loading the game on December 18 if you’ve already uninstalled it from the previous beta. More info on the content here if this is your first time trying. Unfortunately, there’s no news yet regarding a PC or Xbox beta. Moving forward, here are some new details for Monster Hunter World DLC.

DLC Plans

For those who are already fans of the series would not be too surprised by this piece of information. But, if you’re new you’ll be glad to know that all DLCs post-launch will be free. Monster Hunter Ultimate received a DLC every month for 12 months after launch. It is very likely that Monster Hunter World will receive the same or better treatment since it’s on a console. New monsters will also be added frequently to keep hunters coming back for more.
In the days where microtransactions and loot boxes run rampant, it’s good to know that this highly anticipated game will be getting free DLC.

“We’re thinking about free update for Monster Hunter World after its release. To be more specific, we plan on adding new monsters and such to get players to play for as long as possible. As for what monsters will be added; we’ll shed more information on that later. So please look forward to it.” ~ Ryozo Tsujimoto

Microtransaction Plans

However, they did confirm that there will be cosmetic items that players can purchase. By no means will the items affect gameplay in any way. The cosmetics are purely for aesthetic purposes and will not give players extra advantages. There will be no loot box nonsense in this game either so the cosmetic will probably come in forms of a bundle.
Example of cosmetic given was different skin/outfit for the handler. This will basically change her appearance.
If you’re interested in watching the full interview of Ryozo Tsujimoto at PSX 2017 where they talk in detail about the design of the game, check out the video here.

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