Mobile Legends: Bang Bang New Hero Yve Will Keep You Company this Valentine’s Day

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang is throwing some love this Valentine’s Day with a new event, “Love 2 Play”. It’s already live, and will go on until the 19th of February. There’s a permanent Skin draw alongside a 30% discount on all Valentines Day skins on the 14th till the 20th.

Valentine’s Event Exclusive Skins:

  • Carmilla Valentines Day Special Skin
  • Cecilion Valentines Day Special Skin
  • Cecilion Phantom Count skin.
  • Layla Canon and Roses
  • Lesley Dangerous Love

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There’s also the Gacha Event on February 29, where players can win a permanent Avatar Border & Spawn Effect. Also making a return is the Nostalgia Event, where players can get a chosen permanent skin for free.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Valentine’s Day patch will also introduce a new hero to the roster, Yve. The mysteriously alluring magician will grace the game this February 12.

Who Is The Mysterious Hero, Yve?

MLBB Hero Astrowarden Yve is described as an emotionless, mysterious cold entity simply wandering the plains. Her mystery strikes fear to people’s hearts, as she is so powerful she is capable of opening time rifts.

Yve comes from Mithlora, a mysterious region of the galaxy. Her people are few in number but possess immense strength. However, they also have an arch-enemy – the Swarm. As some of the most proficient hunters in the universe who are born with great power, Yve’s race must find and deal with the Swarm wherever they appear. Their endless multiplying means destruction and destruction means imbalance.

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