MLBB crossover with legendary Malaysian football icons, Safee Sali, Khairul Fahmi, and Dominic Tan!

by Muhammad "Flava" Farouq
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KUALA LUMPUR, 24 November – Catch the epic Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and football crossover with Malaysian football icon, Safee Sali, legendary goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi, and rising star Dominic Tan being featured in a series of World Cup celebration videos. The athletes will star alongside top MPL Malaysia esports professionals:-

  • TODAK – Moon
  • SMG – Xorn
  • RSG – Izanami
  • Team Haq – Garyy.

Bringing competitive sportsmanship to the very forefront, watch the ten stars compete in a bout of soccer and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang match with entertaining results. The losers had to bear a customized punishment, with the victors walking off with a trophy. Other special guest appearances in the series include the only Malaysian female pro-footballer and gamer, Intan Serah, MPL Malaysia’s beloved MC, Aiman Laphel, and top entertainment creator, XK Penjahat!

Launching today on 24 November, the teaser features the ten MLBB and football stars teaming up, with the main variety released on 25 November and a special BTS video helmed by none other than Laphel on 27 November.

The World Cup has started! Besides watching football matches, players can also enjoy playing football in the MLBB.Overdrive – Football Carnival will be available on 21 November with new heroes and a map in Overdrive. Adventurers can also participate in Overdrive Field Match to claim the exclusive Overdrive Avatar Border.

Head to a mamak with friends and enjoy a good football night! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will host a World Cup Watch Party. To take part, please refer to the image below for more details to redeem exclusive MLBB merchandise.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular 5v5 MOBA widely played by Malaysian youths. The widely acclaimed mobile game allows you to choose various heroes to win battles and grants free in-game items by playing and attaining certain ranks. The MOBA game has also collaborated with World Cup star Neymar Jr, with two skins exclusively designed by the professional footballer.  Complete the event tasks to gain a free Neymar Jr skin and other in-game rewards from the ongoing World Cup campaign.



Established in 2014, MOONTON is a global video game company dedicated to gaming development, publication and esports. With more than 900 employees worldwide, the company operates offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China. It has successfully launched a number of high-profile mobile games globally and has built long-term relationships with governments and esports organizations in more than 30 countries around the world. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is its current star game and the leading mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game worldwide.

About Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the most popular mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game worldwide that brings communities together through teamwork and strategy. With over one billion installations and 100 million active monthly users, the award-winning game is among the top 10 most played in over 80 countries. With an extensive reach across the Asia Pacific region, the multiplayer is available in 139 countries with an expansive global esports presence.

About Mobile Legends Esports

Established in 2017, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Esports serves as a platform for players to pursue their dreams of becoming esports athletes and illuminate opportunities within the international esports ecosystem. MLBB Esports has since expanded to multiple leagues, including the MPL series hosted in Southeast Asia.


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