miHoYo’s Romance Detective Game Tears of Themis Coming in Summer 2021

by Bradley Tan
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The global interactive entertainment developer and publisher that created the world of Genshin Impact, miHoYo has announced that its first romance and detective adventure game, Tears of Themis will be coming out on Android and iOS Summer 2021. In fact, pre-registration are open today, 17 June 2021!  Players can register on the Apple Store, Google Play or the official website.

During the pre-registration period, players will also receive many in-game rewards.


For pre-registrations:

30,000 – players will receive 10 Oracle of Justice II and 90 AP

150,000 – players will receive 20,000 Stellin with and  Empathy Chip II

250,000 – players will receive10 Oracle of Justice III and 10 Empathy Chip III

400,000 – players will receive a Rosa Crest and 200 S-Chip

After 500,000- players will receive 10 Tears of Themis.


Image via Tears of Themis

Additionally, players who have registered can try their luck in a draw to get free R to SR Card . Players can log in to the website and try three times a day to try to draw their desired cards. Log in, share and invite your friends to receive more chances to draw.

Here’s how you can increase your chances on getting some illusive prizes:


Image via Tears of Themis

If the players invite their friends to pre-register, they stand a chance to illusive in-game rewards too.

Invitation Rewards

  1. Players who invite 1 friend  will receive 90 S- Chip and 5 Oracle of Justice II
  2. Those who invite 2 friends will get 5000 Stellin and 1 Tears of Themis
  3. Lastly, those who invite 3 of their friends will also receive 5 Oracle of Justice IV and 2 Tears of Themis

Survey Reward

Pre-registered players who take the time to fill up a survey on the official website will also receive 100 S-Chip.


This free-to-play game allows players to step into the field of law, defending for truth and justice. Players can even crafting romantic relationships with four distinctive male protagonists.

Tears of Themis brings players to assume the role of a new attorney at Themis Law Firm and work hand-in-hand with their destined lover as they investigate bizarre cases that appear in Stellis City. Players will also be assigned to investigate crime scenes as well as interrogating suspects to obtain evidence and testimonies to uncover the truth.

Watch the trailer here:

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