MapleStory M Launches in SEA as of 25 July

by Sammy Chan
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Whether or not you’ve been waiting for this day to come, it doesn’t matter. We all know you’re going to be downloading the game. If not to actually play the game, then for the nostalgia.
Extend to 2.30 pm
Current status: Extend to 9.30 pm

MapleStory Mobile’s Global Release

Mobile games are a booming success mostly due to the fact that not everyone owns a computer but in this day and age, everyone has a smartphone. So it’s no surprise that Nexon, MapleStory’s game developer and publisher, decided to invest in developing a mobile version of the all-time favourite MMORPG, MapleStory.
In the past we’ve had a few MapleStory, or at least MS-themed mobile games. Such as Monster Life, Pocket Maplestory but these had rather short lifespans. Last year, Pocket MapleStory’s service was shut down and it was presumed that they were simply making way for MapleStory M.
It was assumed that MapleStory M will be the official mobile game under the MapleStory title as it was developed by Nexon. Of course, the game will closely mimic the original PC version. It has over 100 levels of content, all the Explorer classes and your old-school character customizations.
Aside from the controls and UI, everything about the mobile game will be identical to the original MapleStory. Which means, you’ll be able to spend money on over-the-top aesthetics and make your character look as extra as possible!
For now, only the old-school Explorer classes are available to play. But I think it’s safe to say that as the game progresses, there will be new classes added in the future.

Sign Up Now For Rewards

MapleStory M

Screenshot from Twitter

To celebrate the global launch, players who log in and play over the next 14 days start from 25 July to 21 August will receive daily rewards. The rewards include things that you would typically have to spend real money to buy. Things such as EXP tickets and Hair Salon Coupons. Pre-registrations are open to everyone! Visit the store to download the game!

Server Differences

One more thing, when you’re choosing servers, you’ll notice that there’s an ASIA 1 and an ASIA 2. There’s a perfectly good reason for those two servers being there. According to the official MapleStory M twitter account-
ASIA 1 is optimized for players in Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong. 
ASIA 2 is optimized for players in South-East Asia. 
So be aware of which server you choose because it’ll affect your ping.

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