League of Leagues Champion Irelia Rework Coming Soon

by Sammy Chan
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Irelia is one of the oldest champions on the roster and it’s about time she got a rework. Riot recently launched a trailer to show us not much about their plans with her but enough to know that her rework is about to be released.

Irelia Rework

Earlier this year, Riot has already mentioned that they will be reworking her.

“Our main goal was to transform her into the master of levitating blades that her theme implies. She should be surging into the thick of battle, where she can pierce the shields of her enemies before cutting them down in a flurry of dancing blades”

Riot plans on making her a more mobile fighter. But one thing’s for sure about her kit is that her Q, Bladesurge will give her more reset opportunities.
It seems like they plan to make her a less hard-hitting brawler but give her more deadliness the longer you duel with her. As Riot aptly puts it “poking at her enemies with a thousand tiny cuts before surging in for the kill”
Riot also plans to make her be able to fight at a relatively long range for a fighter champion. Instead of making the ranged ability just her ult, her whole kit is going to be built around it. This is going to make her fighting style pretty unique and possibly give her a stronger early laning phase.
This will also change her item builds, Trinity Force would probably still be viable for her but we’ll have to see.
Aside from gameplay, it seems like they’ve also tweaked her backstory a little bit. And it seems to have something to do with this symbol.

Doesn’t it look suspiciously like the Trinity Force Item? If you want to read the full champion roadmap from earlier this year, click here.

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