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With the 2.19 update in Legends of Runeterra comes the new PVE game mode, the Path of Champions. Here’s everything you need to know before the update drops on the 10th of November!

Here’s the official teaser from Legends of Runeterra’s YouTube Channel.

Pick Your Champion

Upon launch, there are 15 Champions available. Each Champion has a starting deck that you can begin their Adventure with. Currently, there are also 5 featured Champions, focused on Piltover and Zaun. These Champions are Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, and Jayce. These Champions have an extra “starter adventure” which contains additional voice-acted cutscenes. The encounters in their starter adventures are also tailored to fit their story. That’s right, Jayce is coming in the next update too! Here’s the official deep dive video that talks about Jayce.

Regardless of which Champion you decide to start out with, you can freely switch between them whenever you like. You can even do so in the middle of an adventure and your progress will be saved.

Adventures Ahoy!

The key component in Path of Champions is Adventures, with each Adventure acting as a chapter of their journey. There are currently 6 Adventures for each Champion (7, if you include the starter Adventure for featured Champions). An Adventure contains a map with nodes to travel on like in some of the previous Labs we’ve seen. Each node contains an encounter with either an enemy, an upgrade, a shop, or a healing spot.

Caitlyn's Starter Adventure

Caitlyn’s Starter Adventure, Image courtesy of Riot Games

Take note that when you travel on a fork in the path, the previous route that you didn’t pick will be sealed off. Likewise, if you skip a healing node, you can’t double back to top your life off after a fight.

Completing an Adventure will unlock the next one of a higher difficulty. On top of that, you’ll earn Reputation (more on that later) and you will be scored based on your performance.

The scored metrics are your life total, time taken, and remaining gold at the end of your run. You can earn a badge in each metric, ranging from C to S. Each badge takes into account your highest score in any previous run, so you can re-attempt an Adventure while focusing on one specific badge if you’re a completionist.

Ramp Up With Reputation

Reputation is the meta-progression system within Path of Champions. Upon completing (or failing) an Adventure, you’ll earn Reputation. You’ll always get Reputation based on how many nodes you’ve cleared, so repeating old Adventures or failing a run will still net you some progress to your next Reputation rank.

Currently, there are up to 22 Reputation Ranks that you can earn for a champion. Progress on each Champion is separate and switching will not cause you to lose any progression on their Reputation Ranks.

Caitlyn's Reputation Rank Track

Caitlyn’s Reputation Rank Track, Image courtesy of Riot Games

Each rank gives various bonuses, such as better drop rates for powers and items, more starting gold and gold earned, and additional lives. Most excitingly, however, is that you can unlock a starting power and relic slots for your Champion.

Starting powers are powers that complement the Champion in different ways. For example, some give aggro Champions more explosive damage while some enable quicker level ups or shore up weakness in late-game-centric Champions. Meanwhile, Relic Slots allows your Champion to bring powerful relics into battle right from the get-go to give you that extra edge.


Other than making progress on your Reputation Rank, playing through Path of Champions will also net you Experience and the opportunity to earn some new cosmetics! Stay tuned to this page as we bring more updates and upcoming starter guides to tackle the Path of Champions!

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Finally, to know more about the latest news from Riot Games, visit here.

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