League of Legends Worlds 2017 Championship Patch

by Sammy Chan
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Riot Games Set Their Stage For Worlds Championship With Patch 7.18

This year, League of Legends Worlds 2017 will be held in China! The representative teams of each region have already been decided and put into their groups during the 2017 Worlds Draw Show. Now, Riot Games moves to iron out a few things to prepare the stage for the players in the League of Legends Worlds 2017 Championship Patch. And by ironing out, they mean nerf some very dominant picks in patch 7.17. However, it’s not as bad as you think! If you’re not into the eSports scene, you may not even feel a difference. Regardless, here are some of the biggest changes in patch 7.18, arranged in no particular order.

1. Buffing The Top Lane

League of Legends Fiora

Image via Riot Games

Fiora is the occasional split pushing pick that teams fall back to when they’d rather win by map rotations. She was really big pick for carry top laners back in Summer Split but slipped out of the meta when teams went for tankier alternatives. Now, they’re bringing her back and making her more slippery to catch in the side lanes with not one but 2 movement speed buffs in her skills!

League of Legends Nautilus

Image via Riot Games

Now, Nautilus may be one of the tankiest top-laners in the game. However, he also has a big issue with mana. This makes him susceptible to ganks in the early game. Now, his Q – Dredge Line will always cost 60 mana regardless of rank but only if it hits an enemy champion. Terrains cost 30 mana, making it easier for Nautilus to escape or counter ganks.

2. A Tweak In The Jungle

League of Legends Nidalee

Image via Riot Games

Nidalee’s role in late game team fights isn’t that impactful as some of us would’ve liked. Well, now, after you’ve finished your damage combo you can sit back and throw your teammates some heals. This gives her a little bit of utility but that’s about it.

3. Restoring Balance In The Mid Lane

League of Legends Cassiopeia

Image via Riot Games

She is one of the strongest picks of Cloud 9’s mid-laner, Jensen, and SK Telecom T1’s Faker. Cassiopeia is definitely a popular champion in the eSports scene. Essentially, her damage in the early game has been nerfed quite brutally with the bonus damage on her E- Twin Fang being lowered. However, this is balanced out with her scaling more consistently into the late game.

League of Legends Lucian

Image via Riot Games

At first glance, this looks like an ADC nerf but if you’ve been following the scene, you’ll notice that Lucian is a weak ADC. Instead, pros, especially in the Korean region, play him in the mid lane. And he’s a decent mid-laner. He snowballs pretty hard in the hands of veterans because of his ability to go aggressive in ganks and mobility to get out of them. This nerf just makes it harder for Lucian plays to go too aggressive.

4. Only Nerfs For ADCs

League of Legends Tristana

Image via Riot Games

As far as ADCs go, Tristana has one of the strongest, if not the strongest early games in the champion roster and that is mostly due to her E – Explosive Charge which she can pretty much spam in the lane. Now that it’s been nerfed, the bot lane fights get dulled down to player skill rather than just brute force damage.

League of Legends Kalista

Image via Riot Games

Kalista may not seem like a strong pick in solo-queue but the utility in her R – Fate’s Call makes her a great asset in engaging team fights. Perhaps too much of an asset. Pro-teams are relying too much on her engages, prompting the nerf on her cooldown.

5. There Are Supports And Then There’s Rakan

League of Legends Rakan

Image via Riot Games

Rakan and Xayah aren’t only the most adorable champion releases in League, they are also one of the quickest champions to integrate into the pro-scene. Second only to the Jihn release. This is mostly due to Rakan’s overpowered utility kit. Hence, he’s getting a nerf that makes it easier for enemies to avoid his W – Grand Entrance and R – The Quickness.

6. Item Changes

League of Legends Spellthief's Edge Line

Image via Riot Games

This item was once a popular buy in support champions but Ancient Coin put it out of business. Now, they’re bringing it back but they’re making sure it’s only optimized for supports by increasing the Tribute passive timer. Also, Frostfang is a more viable buy now that they’ve added 10% CDR.

League of Legends Gargoyle Stoneplate

Image via Riot Games

Gargoyle stoneplate felt like it was too well made for a certain few champions (Cho’ Gath & Nunu). So the synergy is nerfed. Regardless, it is still a great buy in the game. It’s just not broken when used on specific champions.

7. Star Guardian Rotating Game Mode

League of Legends Star Guardian

Image via Riot Games

This is the Star Guardian: New Horizon event. This is a PvE game mode where all the Star Guardian skins are free to play. It’s currently live on the servers now and will last until 25 September 2017 at 11:59 p.m. PT. By completing missions in the game mode, you will earn Star Guardian themed mastery emotes. Because spamming that challenger title over your head is getting overrated.

8. Championship Skins

Every year a champion is chosen to be given a championship skin and in this year, the beloved tutorial archer, Ashe has been chosen. Behold! Championship Ashe!

YouTube via SkinSpotlight

Of course, that’s not all. There’s also Eternum Cassiopeia.

YouTube via SkinSpotlight

That’s all you really need to know about patch 7.18. If you’re looking for more details we didn’t include in this feature, check out the patch notes. Remember, Worlds Championship kicks off on 23 September and you can watch them here on our website.

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