League of Legends Worlds 2017 Qualifying Teams

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Longzhu Gaming’s Tearful Victory.

Last week, the underdog dream came true in the LCK region when Longzhu Gaming took down the 6-title champions, SK Telecom T1 in the finals. This was the organization’s first champion title ever since their founding in 2010. Before they were Longzhu Gaming, they were known as Incredible Miracle but they were renamed in 2016. Their roster consists of three rookies and two veterans, PraY and GorillA. The former ROX Tigers botlane that had defeated SK Telecom T1 in the LCK summer split of 2016.

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Their rookie, Bdd was in tears as he stood on stage for the post-game interview, overwhelmed by the victory. Their training and hardwork paid off and inspired thousands of fans, the cinderella story of the year. With Longzhu Gaming’s victory, they will be representing the LCK region in the World’s Championships. The second representative will be SK Telecom T1 as they qualified through circuit points, the third team will be Samsung Galaxy after winning the regional qualifiers.
LCK’s Winners:
1st Place – Longzhu Gaming
2nd Place – SK Telecom T1
3rd Place – KT Rolster
MVP – LZ Khan

Team Solo Mid’s Reign Over The NA Region Continues

Team Solo Mid fans rejoice as TSM came through for another season of NA LCS. This is mid-laner Bjergsen’s 5th title and his 3rd time winning MVP. They played a close series against their opponents, Immortals but ultimately emerged victorious with a score of 3-1 after coming back from a 10k gold deficit. Both teams reacted very graciously to the results which is always a great show of sportsmanship.

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Following their victory, Team Solo Mid will go on to represent the North American region in the World Championships with Immortals qualifying as the 2nd seed. The third team will be decided this weekend’s gauntlet at 9 September 3:00 AM (GMT +8). You can catch the livestream here on our website.
NA LCS Winners:
1st Place: Team Solo Mid
2nd Place: Immortals
3rd Place: Counter Logic Gaming
MVP: TSM Bjergsen

G2 Esports – The EU LCS Golden Boys Emerge Victorious Over Misfits

Despite a shaky season, G2 Esports managed to take back their title as EU’s best. G2 went into the playoffs in second place of the regular season with a total of 8 wins and 5 losses compared to Fnatic’s 11 wins and 2 losses. People thought after one and a half year, G2’s reign was over and it was time for Fnatic to take back the crown. However, Misfits managed to pull a big upset when they beat Fnatic 3-1 in the semifinals.

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This led up to Misfit ultimately being swept 3-0 by G2 Esports. Misfits had played some very close games against G2 Esports but their teamwork proved to be lacking in the face of G2’s synergy. Regardless, Misfits qualify for the World’s Championship as EU’s second seed alongside G2 Esports in 1st seed. The third team will be decided after this weekend’s gauntlet run. You can catch the games here on 8 September 11:00 PM (GMT +8).
EU LCS Winners:
1st Place: G2 Esports
2nd Place: Misfits
3rd Place: Fnatic
MVP: FNC Rekkles

Edward Gaming Reverse Sweeps Royal Never Give Up For The LPL Title

This nail-biting series had the audience at their feets. It’s what happens when two teams with similar playstyles get pitted against one another. Both these teams are known for their fast paced skirmishing playstyles with their mechanically skilled players. RNG, in the beginning seemed like the more aggressive team, winning teamfight after teamfight that helped them secure the objectives on the map. However, in the third game, EDG seemed to have re-learned the play book, countering RNG’s map movements to snowball to their victory.

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The LPL Teams that have qualified for the Worlds Championship so far are: Edward Gaming and Royal Never Give up as 1st and 2nd seed respectively. The third team will be determined in a gauntlet run.
LPL Winners:
1st place – Edward Gaming
2nd place – Royal Never Give Up
3rd Place – Invictus Gaming
MVP – EDG Scout

Flash Wolves Crowned Champions Once Again

Since 2015, the LMS title has bounced back and forth between ahq eSports and Flash Wolves. This year in the 2017 LMS Spring Split, these rival teams meet once again in the finals. Again, Flash Wolves emerge victorious as they swept up all 3 games against ahq eSports for the victory. Flash Wolves look great at the end of the season as they move on to represent the LMS region in worlds. They were once dubbed as the ‘Korean Killers’, can they perform on the big stage? We will have to see. Despite their loss, AHQ still qualifies for worlds in 2nd seed. The third team will be decided through a gauntlet run.
LMS Winners:
1st place – Flash Wolves
2nd place – ahq e-Sports
3rd place – J Team

Teams That Qualified For The Worlds Championship

To summarize, here is a list of teams we will see on the Rift at the Worlds Championship 2017. This list includes the minor regions as well as the major regions.
LCK: Longzhu Gaming, SK Telecom T1, Samsung Galaxy
NA LCS: Team Solo Mid, Immortals, TBD
EU LCS: G2 Esports, Misfits, TBD
LPL: Edward Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, TBD
LMS: Flash Wolves, ahq e-Sports, TBD
Wildcard: Gigabyte Marines
Watch the matches when they go live right here on our site.

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