League of Legends Reveal New Star Guardian Skins

by Sammy Chan
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Ahri, Syndra, Soraka, Miss Fortune and Ezreal joins the squad!

Riot is releasing yet another set of Star Guardian skins together with a new game mode. Yesterday, they released a Facebook 360 post on their page teasing the new skins. From the original position, we can see Ahri with Ezreal next to her and Miss Fortune firing her ultimate above the both of them. To the left, there’s Syndra, also casting her ultimate. Panning the camera down will reveal Soraka and two champions from the previous Start Guardian skins set – Janna and Lulu. Moving to the right from here will show you, Lux and Poppy. Jinx, however, is in the same shot with the big baddy, riding her rocket!

Star Guardian Ahri

This time around, Ahri will be the one getting the legendary skin that includes new particles, models, recalls and sound effect. As per usual, the legendary skin will cost 1820 RP. Coincidentally, Ahri is the leader of this new squad who is also part of the Star Guardian line. The backstory of Star Guardian Ahri is a sad one, she lost all her teammates in a battle and this is her new crew. She has a lot, let me emphasize, A LOT, of special interaction, totally worth the RP.

Star Guardian Syndra

Syndra, introduced as an older generation of Star Guardian with a mysterious past, is also part of the new crew. She seems to be helping Ahri out but ultimately, we don’t know what her intentions are.

Star Guardian Miss Fortune

With her wildfire-red hair, you can tell MF is the badass one in the group. Don’t mess with her or you might just find yourself staring down the barrel of her guns!

Star Guardian Soraka

The medic of the team! Let’s hope Soraka can keep everyone alive so Ahri doesn’t have to go through the same traumatic event again, yikes. On a side note, can we just appreciate how beautiful she looks in her Star Guardian get-up?

Star Guardian Ezreal

The first male to join the Star Guardian line is none other than our pretty boy, Ezreal. He was picked as the first male feature for the Star Guardian group since he’s considered to be a rather feminine character. This is of course by Western standards but for eastern culture, he fits right in as a heroic figure. Hence, his theme and outfit are very princely.

All new Invasion game mode

Riot is going all out on this with the introduction of a new game mode. Invasion is a player-versus-environment co-op game mode that will be added alongside the new skins. Players will play as Star Guardians tasked to defend the city against monsters. You don’t have to worry if you don’t any of the skins yet – all Star Guardian skins will be unlocked for this mode!
The game mode will feature two difficulties: Normal mode to get you acquainted with the new mode and Onslaught, for the thrill seekers. In Onslaught mode, the player contribution will be given a score and if you can complete the run quickly, you’ll be greatly rewarded. Missions in this mode will be randomized so each playthrough is aimed to be a fresh experience. The Star Tokens you earn from playing Invasion can be exchanged for icons or ward skins. Finally, you might not have noticed but every Star Guardian have their very own cute companion so keep an eye out and see if you can spot them!
All these fancy new stuff is due to come out on September 7 but if you can’t wait and want to check them out now, they’re live on PBE, just like Ornn, The Fire Below the Mountain!
Images credit: Riot Game

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