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Wild Rift releases on consoles and mobile

Renown publisher, Riot Games, is well-known for its work and undying support for its beloved game, League of Legends. It now plans to bring it to iOS, Android, and console under the title “Wild Rift”. Here are some details about the upcoming League of Legends mobile port that you can pre-register on Google Play right now.

League of Legends Mobile – in your Pocket!

As aforementioned, “Wild Rift” is just that – League of Legends Mobile! Riot has stated that Wild Rift will be coming to consoles as well. As for now however, the marketing is heavily aimed towards mobile devices. You can preregister for Wild Rift on Android now, with iOS opening at a later date.

A two-week alpha test has already been conducted in Brazil and Philippines, and are expected to come to larger servers for the beta test.

Wild Rift is specifically for Mobile and Console

Stripping away the keyboard and mouse controls from a MOBA exclusive to PC can be hard to imagine. Riot overcomes this by adding quality-of-life changes to the dual-joystick controls. Characters move with the left-stick and execute skills with the right-stick. Additionally, many point-and-click abilities are now “skill shots”, where players aim with the right stick. Aiming and targeting are undergoing tweaks to be more convenient for players. Subsequently, certain champions are undergoing significant changes to be compatible with dual-stick controls.

wild rift nexus
A number of changes will be exclusive to Wild Rift for shorter match lengths

Meanwhile, match length is also undergoing changes. League of Legends’ matches can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. Given the overall more casual nature of mobile gaming, that may be counterintuitive with the game’s design. Therefore, Wild Rift aims to reduce that time drastically to accommodate wider audiences. To achieve this, the size of the map is decreased slightly so key events happen quicker. According to Gameplay and Balance lead Jonathan Chao, matches should now last 15-20 minutes. There will also be exclusive runes and items that will encourage players to explore the map, theoretically hastening encounters. Additionally, the Nexus no longer has turrets guarding it. Instead, the Nexus will adopt the turrets functionality and fire against enemies to defend itself.

Preregister on Android now!

You can preregister for the game on Android now.

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