League of Legends Lunar New Year Skins

by Sammy Chan
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Lunar New Year is coming and with that, Riot Games is releasing a total of 6 new skins with 3 of them being Lunar New Year themed. Alongside the new skins are 6 golden chromas for the past lunar skins. Here’s a preview of all the new skins coming out. As it is the Year of the Dog, the League of Legends Lunar New Year skins is doggie-themed with the exception of one. Here’s a look at all the new skins.

Lunar Guardian Nasus

The first Lunar skin is the unmovable titan, the stack king – Susan … I mean Nasus. It’s quite obvious, really. The year of the dog. Who else on Summoner’s Rift is closer to a dog other than Nasus?

Lunar Guardian Warwick

He huffs, he puffs and… he will chase you down when your HP is low. Warwick is not a dog but it’s close enough!

Lunar Empress Lux

Last but not least in the Lunar series, we have Lunar Empress Lux. It’s not like she doesn’t have enough skins already but hey, I’m not complaining. She is definitely not furry but there are two little puppies that accompany her recall animation!

Sweetheart Xayah and Rakan

Love is in the air! Valentine’s day is coming soon and who else is more suitable to get a new skin other than the power couple of Summoner’s Rift itself.

Arctic Ops Gragas

It may not look like him but yes, that’s Gragas. This skin is part of the Arctic Ops theme that Varus and Kennen also has.
Note: Because these 3 skins are not included in the Lunar Revel Event, you can’t use Revel Token to unlock their skins.

Golden Chromas

Riot is bringing in the hype with 6 new Golden Chromas for various Lunar Revel skin that has been released over the years, these include:

  • Lunar Wraith Caitlyn
  • Guqin Sona
  • Dragonwing Corki
  • Warring Kingdoms Katarina
  • Warring Kingdoms Garen
  • Dragonblade Riven


There is a mission that you can complete in order to get the skins, by completing the mission obtain Revel Tokens which you can exchange for different types of rewards. You can earn up to 96 Revel Tokens by completing the mission. You can go straight for the goal and exchange for 1 of 3 Lunar Revel skins for 64 Revel Tokens. Or if you want to try your luck, you can go for Revel orb, Revel Skin Shard of Golden Revel Token.
If you are not interested in the Golden Chromas, it’s better off not spending 96 Revel Tokens on Golden Revel Token and getting 2 Revel orb for 44 Token is much worth. That’s not only the use of the tokens, you can unlock icons and loading screen borders for the 3 lunar new year champion as well as the other event icon.
The event ends on February 19. Hit the rift and get those skins, summoners!

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